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Why Blame Drug Cartels?: A Satirical Poem

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


War against drug dealers makes every sense

each sometimes being described as dirty rat

with nothing good to ever say in their defense

yet, there's line of thinking sounding like that.

I don't smoke, have coffee or drink

although it's all available by tonnes

I must be wrong the way that I think

imagine, I don't even have any guns.

There are million things I never buy

to me it's just like they don't even exist

those silly commercials don't catch my eye

while none of those things will ever be missed.

I'm not blaming those trying to sell

everyone just wants to make a buck

but they could hang it on church's bell

and with me they won't have a selling luck.

So, what are all statistics of overdose dying

always explained as drug trafficking doing

to me it means nothing as I am not buying

not the kind of happiness I am pursuing.

Thirty thousand yearly deaths being drug related

but ten times more die from all medical mistakes

so it's really futile to ponder for everything stated

as it's public mentality with poor willpower brakes.

Weaklings use anything to knock themselves out

without any of this mentioning -- it is simply true

and you probably know what I am talking about

if it's not the white powder -- they'll sniff on glue.

Markets tend to supply what's in high demand

as without potheads and alike it would go dead

whether it's legal booze, or opiate of illegal brand

there's always something for a half-conscious head.

So, why blame cartels, wineries, and other suppliers

and how is Mexican drug deadlier than home made

they simply keep existing because there are buyers

and soon it may become a part of international trade.

So we'll have vodka, coffee, drugs, and beer

proudly coexisting, lined up on same shelves

anything psychoactive to produce some cheer

maybe even to help us to be proud of ourselves.

© 2021 Val Karas

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