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We Attended A Wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Flying Into Montego Bay, Jamaica

My husband and I flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica a few years ago to attend my stepdaughter’s wedding. Montego Bay is on the north western end of the island. We stayed in a Sandals Resort with all the family. The view of the Caribbean was drop-dead gorgeous.

I never stayed in a hotel room before that had a bar in the room!

We did find the accommodations great. All the food we had was excellent, and the fresh fruit was especially good. They served delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

It is great to visit a Latino country where everyone speaks English. The staff could not have been nicer.

Montego Bay Tour

The day before the wedding we got a tour around that area, by some of the town and what looked like a fresh food market.

We drove by a fancy apartment complex and noticed bars on the windows. The tour guide said,

That is where the politicians, lawyers, and drug dealers live!”


The Wedding

The wedding was performed on the sand. My husband walked his daughter across the sand to the groom and the pastor that performed a fairly quick service.

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a slight breeze. The weather was perfect. Everyone was joyful and the wedding ceremony seemed perfect.

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Things To Do at Sandals Resort

The water sports available include kayaks, Water skiing, tubing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddle boards.

In addition, they have a full bar and music in the evening.

We were out walking on the beach and this small boat was docked close by, and he had what looked like nice jewelry and some sea shells on the boat. I was curious so I walked over toward the boat and my Husband started calling my name. He kept motioning for me to come to him like it was urgent,

When I got closer to him he told me that the man in the boat was selling drugs in the sea shells.

Apparently selling drugs in Jamaica is illegal, but if you take a step in the water it is legal.

So, I did not go to the boat.

Bob Marley - One Love

Final Thoughts

We did not mind getting that white sand in our shoes at the wedding. We had a feast afterwards, along with a wedding cake.

The Jamaican people were so very friendly.

We loved Jamaica, and we wished we had booked a longer stay.

Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

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