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Ways of Happiness and Sadness

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Reasons of happiness and sadness


  • Finding the best place possible and associating with someone who is older (knowing, understanding and better) than you.
  • Do your work responsibly, busy and happy, and do not discriminate between big and small.
  • Listening more, speaking less and thinking more often and speaking only when necessary.
  • Admit your mistake but do not repeat it.
  • Behaving according to the place, time and person in a practical way.
  • Trying to learn from those who are more experienced than you and to bow down to them.
  • Make the right decision with the advice of many.
  • To speak with respect to everyone, to behave and not to insult anyone.
  • To take the right amount of loan for the most necessary work and to make full use of it.
  • Don't turn away from the person who criticizes you.
  • Assuming that all his things are done and given by God. Don't be proud of what you have got and done.


  • Go to bed very late and get up late in the morning.
  • Not keeping track of transactions, income and expenses.
  • Always looking for happiness only for yourself.
  • Only your words are true and decisive.
  • To create doubt and fear without believing anyone.
  • Giving unsolicited advice is very painful.
  • To tell a lie without a reason.
  • Do not do any work on time.
  • Remembering the happiness of the past again and again.
  • Think of yourself as big and good.
  • To think that everything else is bad.
  • Unable to bow before lifting himself up.
  • Not respecting your work and profession
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