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Looking for Love

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Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl


Lost and lonely, a feeling of terrible despair.

Longing and yearning for an undying love.

Hating all the feelings of mistrust.

Courageously daily plugging along.

Elusive was that special someone.

Only know when it was for their own gain.

She began to wonder.

Were they all the same?

Was she really unlovable?

What made them all refrain?

Capturing the essence of unrequited love

Seemed an illusion.

Bewildered, shattered, tattered, and torn

Each time she gave all she had.

Her looks and personality did attract.

But in the end it didn’t seem to last.

What was wrong with her?

Always lost and broken in complete despair.

Why broken-hearted, tattered and torn?

She began to wonder.

Was she really unlovable?

Always her biggest critic.

Always analyzing her every trait.

Even mimicking her personality

After what others may crave.

Cowardly and lame,

This was not the answer.

Desperately she searched for

The perfect scenario.

A switch was flipped

And she was enlightened with the truth.

Plain and simple it came to her.

She was not unlovable.

The right one, perfect and true

Had not made his way into her view.

© 2014 Cindi


Jennifer Klein from Oneonta, NY on February 20, 2014:

Very easy to feel this way and overanalyze every moment instead of enjoy and live in those moments. We must accept what we cannot change or control and move onward and upward.

Cindi (author) from Parkersburg on February 20, 2014:

True...and if you have once had a true love, it could be it's only a once in a lifetime thing. Thank you for reading and commenting on my hub. The vote up is greatly appreciated!!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on February 20, 2014:

Yes proudmamma, It's easy to feel unlovable if you haven't met the 'right one'. They are always out there and you just have to look until you find them. I guess, unfortunately some never do. very nice poem. Voted up.

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