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Who Remembers Somalia?



my brothers and sisters of African descent

born and breed by the same stretch of land

yet you know only blood & war from my peace and unity

others abandon and disown you with nothing but bad press to show

why the bad out plays the good is hard to know

though I see your point hidden behind a gun

it's hard to relate when bullets aren't flying inches by your head

even though they see the past I see your future

the prodigal son returns to a loving father

the spoils of sea, a pirates glory befit

the few left standing from jihad may see sense in peace

religion is fundamental to any society by its freedoms

how far can we go in the name of the almighty to his wrath

liberty begins in a peaceful mind resonating to the soul

pay some respect for your elders bearing in mind you have a place

better bury that hatchet cause east or west all roads lead home

Peace, Love and unity for all and all for one Africa, amen.

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© 2016 Caleb Leshan

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