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Weapons Plus; the True Story Behind Weapon X


Weapons Plus's origins are rooted in WW2 and Project Rebirth (the project which created Captain America). As stated in "Absolute Carnage Weapons Plus" this project kicked off a biological arms race throughout the world and the US scientists behind Captain America later evolved into Weapons Plus. Although much of its origin is still shrouded in mystery we know it somehow moved from being a branch of military science to a private corporation. They then began to split into separate branches all interconnected under the Weapons Plus conspiracy in order to divert suspicion. Each branch was designated a Roman Numeral and acted largely on their own until the leaders of Weapons Plus decided to make contact. Project Rebirth was designated Roman Numeral I as it was the project which sparked the organization. Weapon X is of course number 10 and has been almost entirely separate from Weapons Plus and the other Weapons once again in order to divert suspicion.

The Second Issue of Weapons Plus

In this issue we are introduced to Weapon IV and his origins in the organization.

In this issue we are introduced to Weapon IV and his origins in the organization.

Weapon IV

In this issue we are introduced to Weapon IV whom we now know to be Man-Thing. In this issue Man-Thing has apparently been promised a cure to make him a human again if he goes on missions for them. However each mission he completes they tell him he has to do one more and he continues doing it out of hope that one day he will be cured though he does not know if they even have a cure, which is thought to be impossible. Unlike Weapon X, Weapon IV is closely tied to Weapons Plus and is often under the direct command and supervision of them.

The Third and Most Recent Issue

Here we are introduced to Weapon V

Here we are introduced to Weapon V

Weapon V

In this issue we are introduced to the branch known as Weapon V specializing in the weaponization of alien symbiotes of the same species as Venom. This branch is more closely tied to Weapons Plus than Weapon X is but less so than Weapon IV. They have a number of men who fight using symbiotes of their own and have origins rooted in the discovery of the symbiotic god Knull deep underground. They used his DNA to create the symbiotes worn by soldiers. They do however have some ties to Weapon X because of their deep connections with Weapon H which as of right now has not revealed if it is truly a part of Weapons Plus though I believe it is. However this branch may now be dissolved after Carnage came through and slaughtered the vast majority of them during the second half of this issue.

As of right now that is all the information we have been given and there are no new Weapons Plus issues coming out (to my knowledge) any time soon but if any do I should have this article updated quickly.

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