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We Gotta Get it Together


Growing Spiritually Through denying self

This month is a mercy.
Time to purify our actions and decisions,
calculate every word, to focus on our mission.
Being useful, for the betterment of humanity.
First we must honor the " ONE " who helps us keep our sanity.
Secondly we must know our enemy.
My enemy, your enemy all of our enemy.
Call him the common enemy
so we can defend from his call.
He'll have you saying,
" You promised me."
He said " I made you a promise and it failed you. GOD made you a promise and it's so true. "
All I did was call you.
You answered the call,
now what do you expect me to do.
I can't save you.
I can't save me.
We must pray to protect us, from us.
So who do you think we need to trust ?
Look at the dollar, look at the quarter,
it's written on the back,
pray to that source,
This is what I do with the time that HE gave me.
HE wants us to rejoice, and live making the right choice.
This is our purpose,
HIS call,
is to the truth
so I pray that the one who answers the call,
me and you.
Peace to humanity!!!

I Want You To Hear..

I Want You To Hear........Those that don't ordinarily listen.

I Want You To Hear........Those that don't ordinarily listen.

© 2010 Abdul Hood


Abdul Hood (author) from 90037 on November 08, 2014:

Thank you mr. Mills I love what I have read from your contribution this is what a writer needs the feed back is gratifying the respect is mutual.

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on November 07, 2014:

I a so glad you stopped by and read my story, otherwise I would have missed all of this. You have a great deal to say, Abdul, and an impressive, creative way to say it. Please, write more.

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