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Love Is the Purest Drug of Choice

Why must things be this way? I just want her right here. Always.

Love is like nothing else you can find.

There are millions of people who still say that love does not exist. You think those are the same arrogant assholes who tell you that the world is flat? Possibly, because why would any amount of depth be required to love someone...? Being sarcastic of course, being shallow never really got anyone anywhere.

Just allow the love to be expressed, and reciprocate what you feel. Accept the fact that you will be vulnerable and take some risks. Because what is waiting on the other side will make you question what took you so long.


The way she looks at me...

Her smile captivates me as I enter a room, any room that she is in. That is the room I want to always be in. I have never felt a love as deep as hers, but she has introduced me to this amazing feeling of safety and the sense of connection. Her soul radiates across the entire universe because no matter where I am located on the map, I feel her glowing string attached to my soul, it only gets tighter with the more distance that comes between us. Together we are a glowing ball of white light. Together we can conquer anything.

We have become intertwined as one soul now and nothing can tear us apart. Just thinking about that makes me happy, there is honestly no place I would rather be than in her arms. I got lost in thought as I laid eyes upon her laying in my bed so beautifully. She has never looked more radiate. She shifted her gaze from her phone screen to meet my eyes and my heart suddenly dropped.

The look in her eyes is like nothing I have seen before. To this day... years later I am still captivated by that look. Her eyes so full of compassion and love. Just the look sends an electric shock from my chest down to my toes. I can feel her in every part of me. She laid her device on the side table and positioned herself on the side of the bed, as if to read my mind of what I desire, stretching her arms out as if to welcome me home. With absolutely no hesitation, I fell into her and she pulled me close against her body. She was still seated which was good because I got weak in the knees and somehow positioned myself as close to her as I could while we were both sitting.

Her warmth engulfed me as she tightened her embrace and I felt my body melt las if I was an ice cube clutched in someone's fist. I was lost in her arms and suddenly all the worry and doubt I once had seemed to vanish. I didn't feel scared or confused or anxious. I was home. I had my legs wrapped around her as she sat, one arm around her waste and the other against her neck. Caressing her cheek with my thumb. We got lost in each others eyes, my heart was instantly filled with all kind of feelings and my entire body went into this craze that caused me to giggle like a little school girl. I ever so softly made a motion to pull her more into me and she responded almost simultaneously, we are connected like that. Our chests were pressed together and I could feel her pulse radiating through every artery in her body. She picked up on my desires and she craves the same. She put her face against mine, simply on the side against my cheek and she took a deep breath. The kind of breath you take when you feel completely relaxed. It is kind of like you are blowing out all the negative energy, she does that when she is against me.

I could feel her heart beat softly against my chest, every time I inhaled I wanted to take in her entire aroma. She smelled so comforting. Just the smell of her. I nuzzled deep into the side of her neck while she kept her arms wrapped around me, I felt her pulse against my lips and I began to notice her heart rate increasing. That only made me kiss the side of her neck, biting a little to make her blush. Listening to the very soft way she breathes right next to my ear made it impossible to hear anything else in the room. As if anything else mattered at that exact moment. Nothing mattered, but her. Nothing ever matters, but her.

Love is a crazy drug and will leave you wide eyed and mystified from time to time. Enjoy every minute of it.

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© 2021 Virginia


Virginia (author) from Florida on September 20, 2021:

Upon exploring back to previous writings of mine, I feel like I have seen these two names before. John and Brenda... my only fans. I am just kidding, I do appreciate when people take a minute to leave a comment. It allows me to curve my creative fountain in whichever direction I see fit.

@John The love that I have expressed is very much a deep one. She is the one that I have been looking for.

@Brenda I feel like I Can honestly say that I am very addicted to her. It is very real indeed. Or at least it feels real... who knows what real really is...?

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 05, 2021:

That sounds like a deep and burning love..well expressed.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 05, 2021:

The feeling of love or being addicted to someone is expressed here.

A wonderful union if it is real.

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