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Visual Way


A visual way to free mathematics

From the schemata of the borning

World - Oh! That is the task.

In golden sun we bask, then

Go away to McDonald's and buy a cheese burger.

In freeway we drive

In Tesla Model X car. We munch

An energy bar, and remember to count

The thirty trillion names of God.

A happy trodden path in Florida. The ocean

Waves back and forth, both

You and I are happy.


Revirio (author) on May 17, 2021:

I think if we understand the mechanics of the Internet Archive, we may receive a clearer vision of time in the cosmos. Oh! That thing (the Internet Archive) is also in California. :-D

1. https://youtu.be/ec_-fgy3EGY

2. https://youtu.be/K8I28erYFLc

3. https://youtu.be/RV_ALlJGU_c

4. https://youtu.be/W4GKf623Exk

Kathryn L Hill from LA on May 17, 2021:

If the universe and everything in it comes and goes endlessly, why do we put so much emphasis on time?

I wish I had paid less attention to the clock and the calendar all these years.

Well, it’s never too late! Lol.

I really appreciate all the links.

Exploring interesting topics makes life worth something.

I shared some of the links on facebook.

Some of my friends with children really need info about math so they can help their kids with their homework.

Math is not an easy subject to teach.

Teachers need to use manipulative materials to teach math.

Concrete understanding leads to abstract understanding.

Revirio (author) on May 16, 2021:

Your link reminded me of the forum thread where we discussed if anyone has ever seen an atom.


Kathryn L Hill from LA on May 16, 2021:


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