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Vanilla Villa City

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Vanilla Villa City

The City That Doesn't Exist In Any Map

The City That Doesn't Exist In Any Map

The Year 2058

“You know Boggs, 2058 is a nice year isn’t it?”-Matt.

“Yeah, what is it Matt?”-Boggs.

“You know it’s all about foods in this town right?”-Matt.

“Yes I know, particularly Vanilla. People of the Vanilla Villa City like to eat Vanilla flavored food”-Boggs.

“But do you know the people of this town are strange Boggs, they don’t sneeze a lot!”-Matt.

“What is so strange about people rarely sneezing, Matt? They’re all the same. You’re the people of the town too but you sneeze a lot” –Boggs.

“But don’t you think this city is weird?”-Matt.

“Oh gosh, for Christ sake, stop complaining. There is nothing wrong with you and the people and the city. Nothing!”-Boggs.

“There are more than a thousand of streets in this city. “-Matt.

“Yes, gosh, it’s a big city. Of course, it’s going to have many streets”-Boggs.

“But that is even weirder. All of the streets are named Villa Vanilla Street. There is the 1st Villa Vanilla Street. There is the 2nd Villa Vanilla Street. Can’t they name it a different street?”-Matt.

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“Well, it would be hard to name it a different name one by one so it makes sense why they all named it Villa Vanilla Street”-Boggs.

“What about the name of the city? The city is named Vanilla Villa City.”-Matt.

“Really? You’re going to name this city a weird city because apparently, it’s named Vanilla Villa City? Come on Matt, you’re better than this”-Boggs.

“I have a weird feeling about this city, Boggs. Do you notice that sometimes, the time of the day changes? Like sometimes the night is longer and the day is shorter but the other time, the night is shorter and the day is longer”-Matt.

“Nah, it’s just you. I have all my fun in a day. Never notice anything bad”-Boggs.

“And what about all the occurrences that have happened in the city. Like the man who swept all the streets in this city. Come on Boggs, don’t you think that’s impossible?”-Matt.

“It’s fine! That man probably swept it every day until the day he died. It’s totally normal”-Boggs.

“But how could it be that he manages to sweep all the streets in this city? People of this city are so weird. People in this city never interact with another people from another city. It’s like we’re in a bubble. Do you know any relative outside of this city Boggs?”-Matt.

“Hold on, let me think. Nope, I don’t remember”-Boggs.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s like this city has a mind of its own. It doesn’t want to be associated with the outside worlds. It makes us forget who we are and what we truly are. We already forget who we are Boggs, we need to get out of here”-Matt.

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