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VIP Treatment


VIP Treatment

The sun goes down on a Thursday night
Music and dancing under laser light
The cover was high but I wouldn't know
Haven’t paid entry since too long ago

I sidestep the line as I have always done
Always on the list with my plus one
Greeted by staff with a shake and a smile
VIP nightlife lived once in a while

Now that I’m in through the secret side door
The music is loud, the bass shakes the floor
Taking a moment with the visual splendor
I make my way back to my favorite bartender

She sees me coming and quickly prepares
Free drink is ready before I am upstairs
My drink awaits, I leave her a tip
We make small talk as I take my first sip

Other friends join me, we order shots
Trying to speak over 12,000 Watts
2am comes, can’t believe how time flies
We settle our tabs and say our goodbyes


I am nobody special. I just spent 5 years working with marketing and promotions for Denver nightclubs. This afforded me quite a few benefits and special treatment at many locations. And I still enjoy quite a few of these benefits even though it's been a while since I did this work.

Beta Nightclub

Beta Nightclub

Beta Nightclub

© 2013 Eric Niehoff

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