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Update And Edit Your Hubs When Necessary

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"viarami" is the author of this photograph.

"viarami" is the author of this photograph.

So many months ago, the HubPages writing platform began to take the hubs from their old format on and duplicate and feature them in their new format on Once I learned about it, I had thought that this process was going to be done automatically and that it would require no effort from my end. However, it turned out that I was wrong.

The vertical Network Sites did the courtesy of contacting me if an article I had published on one of them needed any kind of revisions or editing to bring it up to the new standards that they obviously had put in place with the new format of their articles. However, I did not get the same notifications from the HubPages writing platform as faithfully. If I had been more attentive to this change, I could have gotten advertisements placed back immediately on the four hubs that I had overlooked.

1. Four Of My Hubs Were Missing Advertisements

After the HubPages writing platform began taking hubs from their original format on and featuring them in their new format on, most of us were able to see that our hubs were still accessible to us in their original format on so that we could make any updates or edits on them and those changes would be mirrored on their counterparts on What many of us probably overlooked was that the advertisements eventually disappeared from our hubs that remained solely in their original format on

I made the mistake of believing that four of my older hubs were eventually going to be featured in the new format on However, they remained as they were.

I contacted Team Hubpages to find out why these four hubs of mine were missing advertisements. One of the team members reached out to me and explained to me that hubs that appeared on no longer had advertisements. He instructed me to to polish up my writing in those same four hubs, and they would be considered for featuring on where they would then have advertisements. I followed his advice and it took no time for those four hubs to be featured on and enabled for advertisements.

I noticed that one of my fellow Hubbers had over 2,000 articles published on her HubPages channel, but she still had hubs that remained solely in their original format on Even though monetizing on her articles may not be the most important goal for her, she should still take the time to go through all of her hubs and update and edit them so that they will be duplicated and featured on with advertisements. This woman has worked way too hard on her articles for her to miss out on the compensation she would getting if all of them had been duplicated onto

I'm concerned that there are many other Hubbers like the above-described woman who may be missing out on valuable compensation, because they have not checked all of their hubs and have ensured that they are edited and updated the way they should be so that they will be also featured on and monetized with advertisements. Therefore, I have posted this article here of mine to alert everyone here on this writing platform that they need to check through each and every one of their hubs to ensure that they have been featured on; and if they haven't, they need to update and edit them.

2. Your Older Hubs Are Just As Important As Your Newer Ones

You may think that it is more bother than it is worth to check through all of your hubs to make sure that they also got featured on, because you may think that your older hubs are outdated and probably written in a less professional manner than your newer ones. However, those four above-aforementioned hubs of mine that I updated and edited contained a great amount of valuable information. In fact, I even decided to promote one of them in my In-The- Spotlight feature on the Profile section of my HubPages channel.

We all put a considerable amount of time and effort into doing research to tailor our hubs and then finalizing them on our HubPages channel. It only makes sense to ensure that we do everything we can to get the maximum benefits from them. If you don't update and edit them and they continue to remain solely on without advertisements, you're cheating yourself out of valuable compensation that you so deserve. As the video indicates below, persistence pays off.

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YouTuber Living Delightful Freedom Endorses HubPages As A Decent Form Of Income For Talented Writers

My response to this video is that it is quality rather than quantity that counts the most in publishing articles on the Internet for monetary compensation. Quality requires you to keep everything updated and edited properly on your HubPages channel.

Engin_Akyurt is the author of this photograph.

Engin_Akyurt is the author of this photograph.

3. My Final Thoughts Regarding This Topic

I have been a Hubber for over four years, and I have seen the HubPages writing platform go through some significant changes. When I first became a Hubber, getting a Google Adsense account was the main key to success as for getting compensated monetarily for your writing talents. Now that Google Adsense has been slowly phased out of the picture with the HubPages writing platform, it is a matter of maintaining the quality of the hubs you have posted on your HubPages channel.

Some of us will learn how to keep on top of everything here on the HubPages writing platform from the school of hard knocks. However, at the end of the day, we all have one another to keep one another posted on changes that will affect us significantly and require action from our end. Let's all work together to make that journey a pleasant one by keeping one another abreast of any such changes.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on February 08, 2021:

@John Hansen It took me by surprise when the HubPages writing platform decided to make the kind of changes that they did. I had thought that they were going to take everything of mine that was not published on a vertical Network Site and feature it all on the website with advertisements and all, but they didn't do it as I had thought they would. After I contacted Team HubPages and they knew that I was serious about getting my four remaining hubs on featured on, it took them no time at all for them to do what I wanted after I updated and edited all four of those same hubs.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on February 08, 2021:

A helpful article. I have almost 500 articles and I think around 100 or so are still on the original HubPages. I have been going through and updating them as I get time. Some seem to get moved to Discover, others don’t. My earnings have dropped by about a third at least since they removed the ads from articles still on HubPages. Oh well.

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