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How to climb in the creek without a paddle?

I am a wide reader, I can finish a 400-page novel in one to two sitting, about 2-3 hours only.

Up the creek without a paddle: an introduction

Trouble is an incident that we do not want to encounter in our daily life. I beg disagree if there is someone here wanted to engage in a trouble.

Have you heard of one called "Up the creek without a paddle?"

How to climb a creek without a paddle? There are some creepy words that if you are going to define them literally, it will give you a non-sense meaning. However, you will define it much deeper, it will give you another meaning with a moral lesson for us to do or follow.

This means to be in trouble without any way of getting out of trouble.

However, before we totally discuss about it, we are going to define it literally first the "creek" as well as the "paddle". According to Google search, a creek is a stream, brook, or minor tributary of a river and another definition said, an inlet in a shoreline, a channel in a marsh, or another narrow, sheltered waterway. While, according to Cambridge online dictionary, a paddle is a short pole with a wide, flat part at the end or both ends, used for moving a small boat through the water.

So again you would be in a canoe but without a paddle you cannot move anywhere, so you would be on a creek, in a canoe and no way of getting off the river?

What struck me is being in trouble without any way of getting out of trouble? That's make me more trouble. I am working hard not to encounter any trouble. I am working hard for the sake of my family. I love checking all the things right for the sake that I am doing the best I can.

But unfortunately, no matter what hard work you are doing if you will encounter trouble, that makes no sense at all. That is not enough to do all of this thing.

family picture

family picture

My sons are looking in the creek

Me and my wife always advises our sons of taking care of all the things they've encounter to avoid trouble. One instance is my eldest son, angry or not, his eyes most of the times are in staring glances. There are lots of instances that there are troubles in our community that a guy was stubbed by a knife and/or killed someone else because of the staring eyes. Of course, as a parents, we do not want to happen that case to our kids especially if our children have nothing to blame.

Another instance is my youngest son, when his mad, without benefit of the doubt, he will just say "You must die! I do not need you!" Our fear is when someone will hear that, we as parents will be questioned by the authorities and later on be jailed. Of course, we do not want to put ourselves in the jail.

A simple word or action makes "up the creek without a paddle".

Those simple words are very much dangerous if we get that seriously. I am trying to do all things right that my sons will not going up the creek without a paddle.

I am trying to get a positive vibes to explain it to my sons, how to be nice.

Happy moments of my kids

Happy moments of my kids

Why there are so much trouble?

During my time when I was young, trouble was not a big issue to us. We can walk in the dark even without the company of our parents at no hesitation that we will not encounter a big trouble. An example is, our parents are not worrying for a possibility that their kids will be killed by someone else nearby the community.

50 years ago, kids can play even 100 kilometers away from their house even without the consent of their parents. 40 years ago keeps on reducing to 80 kilometers away from their houses. 30 years ago, when I was a kid, I am already 42 years old right now, we can play about 60 kilometers away from our house without asking the consent of our parents. Then, about 20 years ago, after my college graduation, the kids then, cannot play with others for more than 60 kilometers away. As far decades passing by, the kilometers of being safe without the consent of our kids keeps on reducing.

Now, we cannot even sent our kids without our consent for more than 2 kilometers. They have to ask permission and it should be granted.

Now, most of the parents are very frightened that their kids should be at home early. The reason is for their safety. There will be chances that their kids will be killed or a victim of holdup or rape. The parents today will not be happy receiving that kind of news.

Much to be happier moment with my youngest son

Much to be happier moment with my youngest son

Is the world still safe?

The big question in the world, is the world still safe for our kids? We, as parents are still happy for the security of our kids in our community or even nearby? We are the one who will guide them the best of all things right. We are the one who can give them the best shot. We are the one who can avoid them to go up the creek without a paddle. Of course if our kids will be trap from the creek without a paddle, how could we help them? Even if we are commenting that much, how the authorities are doing for the security and safety, but we are still protecting our kids. Happy parenting.

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Luis G Asuncion (author) from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 21, 2019:

Yes. Hope I shared it the best for you. Thanks for commenting.

Crisilda Payda on November 20, 2019:

Too much trouble. Thanks for the share.

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