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"Until Tomorrow, Little People"

"Until Tomorrow, Little People"


A real Hollywood story, Matt DeBoer's new book, "Until Tomorrow, Little People," describes how he, his wife, and their two children Olivia and Chandler, moved to Los Angeles and stayed in a 2-bedroom apartment for three months, so the kids could break into stardom. Matt and his wife Tammy thought that the kids would "get it out of their system," but they were wrong. A Warner Bros. movie just wrapped with Chandler as a lead actor. Olivia played Young Love in "You" (Netflix) and both children are still actively auditioning for new projects.

Matt's book will bring you laughter as he expresses the hidden dreams of children and parents everywhere. The Deboer family currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is delighted to share their story with the public. In addition to Matt, Hubpages also caught up with Chandler and Olivia. Check out our exclusive interview below.

About the Author


Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to write, "Until Tomorrow, Little People?"

It was originally meant to be a journal that I would give to the kids to remember this part of their lives, but it turned into a blog and a way for family to keep track of our many adventures. I guess it grew a following from there and I was able to convert it into a book at the end of that leg of the journey. The inspiration came from the desire to record this chapter, somehow knowing that whatever the result, special things would happen along the way.

At what moment did you decide it was time to move your family to Hollywood so that your children could pursue their dreams?

After the initial trip that the book covers, it became apparent that the kids had momentum that was worth pursuing. Our daughter had just booked the second season of You where she played the younger version of the main star and Chandler had multiple opportunities to pursue, so we loaded up the wagon and headed west.

We knew it was all a longshot, but we also found so many like-minded people in the industry and the kids learned so much from being in LA, that it was the right move for us at the time.

Since then both of your children have landed some pretty great roles. Can you tell us the process the children went through in order to land those roles in Hollywood?

The first thing we did (and by “we” I mean my wife) was put together a team of professionals who could help us manage all the moving parts. The kids had an agent when we came out originally, but we added a manager – Stellar Artists Management and an acting coach – Joshua LeBar studios. Of all the things we did, that was the most impactful and beneficial to their long-term success.

I never really knew just how much works goes into acting when you do it professionally. It basically consumes everything you do, from workshops, to auditions, to cold reads, the process can be brutal if you don’t know how to manage the requests, which ones are important and which ones are a waste of time. The team really helped put us on a manageable schedule.

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Who do you think would enjoy reading "Until Tomorrow, Little People?"

People who want to laugh and forget about the craziness around them. I call it the perfect beach book or weekend book because it is light-hearted, relatable, and (hopefully) funny. Think about a reality tv show in book form and that is what you get with this. When you are a family of four moving from NC to Hollywood, funny stories are bound to happen which is why the book is referred to as Beverly Hillbillies meets Modern Family.

Olivia, you played young love on the Netflix hit show YOU. What was that experience like?
Are you still auditioning for other roles?

Working on the set of “YOU” was incredible. They treated me like I was part of their Netflix family. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful on set and made me feel like I belonged. The experience was definitely one of my favorite times in my life and I will always cherish it. I am still auditioning although I am doing it online. Because of Covid, it has been easier to audition online so I can live outside of California while still pursuing my dream.

Chandler, you've been on some pretty big shows like Shameless and Blackish. Which show has been your favorite to work on so far? You also have a new movie coming out soon starring Neil Patrick Harris can you tell us a little about working on "8-bit Christmas?"

Every show has been amazing, but working on my first-time project, the short film “Cold Embrace”, will always be my favorite experience. It was all brand new, and it welcomed me into the industry and was extremely fun. Shameless was also amazing because I got to work alongside an amazing cast and a great guy, Ethan Cutkosky, who was extremely friendly and welcoming. Working on Warner Brothers 4 years after touring it for the first time was also surreal, they have all been amazing experiences. Working on 8 Bit Christmas was the best and most challenging experience. I stopped acting from March 2020 to January 2021 when covid started and because I wanted time away. During that time I realized how much the industry and my craft really meant to me, and I came back with even more dedication - which I’m extremely grateful for. Working alongside a star-studded cast in Toronto was awesome and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity. Everything about the experience was amazing from the cast and crew to playing an amazing character and also being able to live in an unreal city for a couple of months. Stay tuned and watch out for 8 Bit Christmas this November!!

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Liz Westwood from UK on August 09, 2021:

I had not heard of this book or family. You have introduced it well and your interview is fascinating.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 09, 2021:

A very interesting interview and I am sure the book is worth the read. Thank you for sharing, Monica.

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