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Unlikely Attraction

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I am a woman. I am the element of water. My spirit portrays my many colors and depths. There are uncharted waters. Depths unexplored, unknown to man. I sustain life. I create worlds. I can revive. I can nurture. I can comfort. I can bring about deep sighs of relaxation, appreciation, and self reflection. You can learn about yourself when you stare into me. Laying by my side can bring you peace. I will always meet you at the shore line. You are always welcome to immerse yourself in me. You can hide from the world around you within me. You can delight yourself in my waters like a child and forget about the cares and worries this world has for you. You can journey with me to other lands. You can create amazing adventures and keep those stories with you, always. I can accompany you anywhere. I flow freely. I am self aware. I can restore you. I can seep thru the cracks of every obstacle. I can take any shape. I can fill any void and leave a part of myself behind without losing myself completely. I pierce the soul of those who come to me and show me their truths. Though extremely loyal, I am unpredictable. I have strength. Storms can change my mood. I could care less about the success' or failures you have had in this world. I see clearly. I am not fooled by the worlds skewed perspective. I accept you as you are. Some leave my side but I never fade. I am always here. I exist before your eyes, deep under the soil, and throughout the lands. I rain down upon even the most barren of dry lands. There is no place here that I can not exist but I am not safe from harm, hurt, or loneliness. Most can only appreciate me at my shallowest. Most fear me. Tho man is curious, they can't appreciate the darkness that hides within me. There are places to cold and dark for man to reach, nor would most care enough to. There is no one exactly like me in this world.

You are a man. You are burning wild, like a fire. You are destructive and untamed. You do not see your power, your passion, or your strength. You are unpredictable and a danger to yourself and to others. You can not be controlled. You can get lost in yourself. You burn through the lives of those you meet like a brush fire. Uncontrolled and relentless, collecting one senseless burn after another. You don't know your own purpose. The smoke you produce blocks your own vision. You are lost within yourself. Lost in a world not designed to understand or accept you. Your path has been a difficult one. The fire fueled by the bad has covered up the fire in your heart and soul, but it has not been extinguished. You see yourself as undeserving. You question the reason for your existence. You see more bad than good. You are reluctant to care or trust. You feel the need to protect others from you. A wall of fire keeps you from letting others know you completely. You are used. You fill the needs of others and then feel cast aside. You are used to tempt fate. You are feared. Some underestimate you. Most don't understand you. Few see your worth and your value. Still there is a beauty to you. There is more to you than what you see. You don't see that only the burnt remains of the destructive path behind you can lead to your own new beginnings. Without the fire there would be no phoenix.

My story, my path, and my journeys help me to understand your stories and the path you are on. Despite our differences we are alike. We are different ends of the same spectrum. We were given similar situations but our decisions were different. We have the potential to balance each other. Still the fire that rages in your mind causes you to question. Water and Fire can not exist within each other eternally. In this case you are right but neither can a man and a woman exist eternally. Everything that begins must one day end. I will share this embrace with you for as long as time permits. In this embrace your fire warms some of the waters within me that run cold. Your flame reveals beautiful colors within me that usually remain unseen in the dark. I lay here, allowing you to dive into me as deeply as you would like knowing that I would not allow you to lose yourself in me. On the contrary, I offer you the peace within me. I soothe the painful burns your journey has given you. While you keep me in your presence, I offer you a temporary escape. There is no judgement, no expectation. And so we dance in this delicate balance, your light with my dark, your heat with my cold, your ferocity with my tranquility until our paths lead us elsewhere. Tho I may miss your warmth and the experiences I have had with you, I do not fear hurt from you. I have to much depth to evaporate in your heat and can heal us both. In the end, my eyes can not un-see the views your light has shown me, you can not un-feel the peace you felt in my embrace, and the story can not be untold, the bond will never have to fade and can be ours to keep... eternally.


Lissette (author) from Central Florida on June 07, 2013:

Very nice to see you Ausseye. I LOVE your response. I saw it as you described and it was beautiful. Thank you for reading and sharing your words with me.

Ausseye on June 06, 2013:


I see steam and it clouds the sky bringing life, rain and forest

New life, new living a future thing

Where fire and water are the song-lines of future generation

Obscure and aboriginal in origin


Lissette (author) from Central Florida on June 02, 2013:

Dude. That was fun to write. You left me an amazing compliment and I wanted to be sure that I thanked you for it.

Lissette (author) from Central Florida on June 02, 2013:

Nice to meet you Dude.

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Lissette (author) from Central Florida on June 02, 2013:

Frank, yes so different yet such a good fit and able to combine. Similar enough to fuse and different enough to intrigue. I wouldn't want to un-see...

Dude on May 29, 2013:

Being with you sounds like it would be so easy. I can see why some would fear it. We all want to be stress free and happy but the pressure not to screw that up is huge.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 29, 2013:

our reacting to actions is what makes us different Moms.. the path your on makes you understand our stories.. which means if we were the same.. our stories would be meaningless.. so we are different.. and whatever I show you you can not un-see it... yeah? yeah? LOL thanks for the reaction reply Moms again

Lissette (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2013:

So happy that you found and enjoyed it Writinglover. The words were actually just a reaction to the photo. The photo came first. :)

Lissette (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2013:

Frank, I really don't think we are so very different at our centers. I don't think it is what we think that is different but how we react to what we think and the actions we take are different.

Its simple...I hurt, you hurt. I face obstacles, you face obstacles. I make an expressive decision, you make an internal, private decision and we both take action.

Jennifer from Lost...In Video Games and Stories on May 28, 2013:

Like exstatic, I too, enjoyed the contrast between a man and a woman. The picture was great! So very appropriate! Awesome!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 28, 2013:

you know moms this does beat Men from Mars and women from venus.. I love the contrast.. and that picture is stunning....

Lissette (author) from Central Florida on May 28, 2013:

Thank you so much Xstatic. I am glad you enjoyed it. I honestly got swept away in the picture for this one. The words came thru without my control. I am so glad that you take time out to enjoy my madness.

Jim Higgins from Eugene, Oregon on May 28, 2013:

This is a really interesting contrast of differences between the sexes. Well thought out and good writing too!

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