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Book Review : Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Hey guys, my name is Rehana and today I'm gonna review Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra, I think you all know her, you all know her background, you all know her backstory, you know who she is.

You just want to know what's new in this book that's why you're here So I'm gonna skip her introduction and come straight to the point this is her memoir which consists of 11 chapters, which starts right from her childhood years in India then it moves on to her teenage years in America.

Then it moves on to her agent days, it talks about her business ventures, it talks about her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood, it talks about her relationship with Nick Jonas and how they got married and how her future would look like.

So this is exactly the chronological order in which this book has been written, this book targets a global audience in fact I'd rather say that this book targets the Western audience more as compared to the Indian audience and elaborate later on that more.

But first I'd like to establish the fact that I am not a Priyanka Chopra fangirl, I am not head over heels in love with her, but I do adore her personality. I do respect her hustle, I have loved some of her recent performances, especially Mary Kom .

I think it's one of her brilliant performances and I absolutely love that movie and I'm also amazed of this ladies business acumen because now that I've read this book and now that I know about all her business ventures and the ones that are in planning.

I must say that she's a great entrepreneur, but I've always felt that she has been very privileged and I've always sensed this inauthenticity towards, how she has been marketed like for example she said that she regrets promoting fair and lovely.

When she started getting all those Hollywood offers and why did she have to do a Rajini Gandha ad, is just beyond my imagination. Yes she has achieved a lot of things, she is a global icon there's no denying that.

But I just don't get it why do you market yourself as a small town girl as a middle class girl, when you're actually not this. Same thing Ranveer Singh also did for so many years and just recently got to know that he is actually Sonam Kapoor's cousin.

So I just don't like how these actors deceive their audiences, just for these soft stories yes she comes from a small town barely but she has hardly lived there, she lived in all big cities her schooling was done from La Martiniere girls college in Lucknow.

Which is one of the best schools of India, I actually went on and googled about the school and I got to know that this was built in 1800s by British Army officer and this place literally looks like a palace.

In fact so many Indian movies were shot there, because of its beautiful dome-shaped Victorian architecture, she also studied in the us for four years in different schools and there she lived with her extended family her mama, mommy and her Masamusi and with all of her seven to eight cousins.

So again she was getting top-notch education there she didn't have to pay any rent, she didn't have to pay any student loan and she was traveling to all over USA and to many other countries as well and I'm not making any of this up trust me this is all written in this book and then she also went on to say that she had no aspirations to become Miss India, Miss World or to join Bollywood or any entertainment industry for that matter.

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She wanted to become an aeronautical engineer, but apparently she had also done some modelling photo shoots and those were the pictures that her mother and her brother sent to Miss India patient or whatever and they actually called her back saying that you have been selected.
Now who gets her modelling photo shoots done, when you want to become an aeronautical engineer that bad and she also participated and actually won a local pageant competition in her Barely club.

Which was apparently a very elite club, so clearly you had an inkling for fame you had an inkling to be in front of camera not that there's anything wrong with it but then do acknowledge this call us paid, his paid .

She also mentioned that she was very content with her career in Bollywood and she had no aspirations to go to Hollywood, but it was her manager who got all the deals and who actually tried to convince her to give this a try and that's what she did see I am not hating Priyanka Chopra here.

I really admire her, I think whatever she has achieved so early in her life is not everybody's cup of tea I am strictly critiquing how this book has been written because her story in this book didn't inspire me at all.

In fact it made me feel quite the opposite the points that I made earlier about how privileged her life has been made me just feel like she was lucky, she was groomed very well, she went to the best institutions and she just got the best opportunities at the right time and she grabbed them and she just kept climbing the ledger.

Many people don't even get these kind of opportunities, who actually want to get these kind of opportunities and who actually come from small town. So my point here is that you don't have to make every story a sob story, I would have actually liked her more or I would have liked this book much more, If she would have acknowledged the fact that she had a privileged life, had been lucky rather than marketing.

This rags to riches and breaking the glass ceiling sort of stories, also there was hardly a new piece of information or an anecdote in this book. If you have watched her interviews you would find that almost 80 percent of the things are exactly the same in this book as she says in her interviews.

There was just this one chapter called Grief, which was all about how she dealt with her life with herself, when her father passed away it was the only chapter which made me a tad bit emotional and which made me feel like okay she has opened up a little bit and she's showing me her vulnerable side.

But other than that chapter I didn't feel like I was reading something new that was not already in the public domain, another thing that I didn't like about the writing style of this book was that at a lot of places, she tries too hard to sound woke or relatable by using hashtags at the end of certain paragraphs. which was not at all necessary.

This book is all about right talk, even at the places when she is trying to show her vulnerable side seems like it is carefully crafted to show you that she was being vulnerable in those moments. I as a reader expected so much more from this book, I wanted to know what inspired spring Chopra.

I wanted to know what drives her mad I wanted to know how she takes her business decisions, I wanted to know what makes her a go-getter, I wanted to know how she preps for a new role how she gets into the skin of a character.

But all I got to know through this book was just surface level information and it felt like she was just glossing over her life experiences and that too carefully choosing where to become vulnerable and where not.

So overall this book lacked depth for me, but it's not like that I entirely disliked this book, I liked some parts as well for example I liked the bit where she talked about her childhood, I liked how her parents always pushed her to become independent to have her own mind to take her own decisions to give her best in all sorts of situations .

I also like the part where she described how she met Nick Jonas and their whole love story was very dreamy cute romantic sort of story, so yeah if you are a Priyanka Chopra fanboy or a fan girl, I think you will definitely like this book.

There are a lot of pictures also throughout the book, so yeah you can give it a try you can also listen to the audiobook, which she has herself narrated. It's just that I as a reader was a little disappointed with the book, because her actions lacked conviction for me.

So these were my thoughts and my honest review about her book Unfinished, I hope you liked this review.

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