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Unfinished- a Memoir- Book Review

'U can be anything that you want to be'

If this is true, the classic epitome of this would be the author of this book. The book Unfinished-the memoir is an autobiography of the author right from her kindergarten days to the life that she's leading now. Every individual needs to become and unbecome at each and every stage of life to reach the destination and the author pushed her self to the limits and broke the glass ceiling to become what she has become today. She is an overachiever of her times. She is the former Miss India, she is an international star, she has carved a niche for herself in both Hollywood and Bollywood and embarked her presence in the entertainment industry. She is none other than the Priyanka Chopra herself.

What I liked about the book

The book is an evidence of how well she has evolved as a human being and an actor and the level maturity she has showcased in writing the book. She has been through a myriad of emotions right from her happiest of happy days as a teenager and her winning over the Miss India pageant to handling depressions through failed relationships and her father's demise.

She has always been an iron lady all through her journey. She has made bold choices in her life right from selecting her roles from experimenting new avenues right from singing to direction. The has owned her success and failures and held herself responsible for the same. The lines from the book says it all

"I have always felt that life is a solitary journey, that we are each on a train, riding through our hours, our days, our years. We get on alone, we leave alone, and the decisions we make as we travel on the train are our responsibility alone. Along the way, different people—the family we are born to and the family we choose, the friends we meet, those we come to love and who come to love us—get on and off the cars of our train. We are travelers, always moving, always in flux, and so are our fellow passengers".

She has been worshipped as one of the beautiful women of India and at the same time had also faced racism and discrimination during her teenage. She has reached the pinnacle of success in Bollywood and had also been treated as a stranger in Hollywood during her initial days of struggle. She has always been adaptive to the changing situations. She has followed Bruce Lee's saying in her professional and personal life. She has never stopped by and went on achieving without any expectations.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. . . . If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend - BRUCE LEE

The book also elaborately discusses about her love life and marriage with Nick Jonas and also being the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF. She is quite honest about the beauty standards, her nose job and her initial days of struggling with stretch marks, tan and dry skin when she auditioned for the Miss world contest. As a women and an individual she evolved equipped learned and unlearned things to fit into the groove. I loved the portions where she did not know how to dance and face the wrath from her choreographer after which she enrolled herself in a dance class and performed well and was appreciated by her choreographer for her determination and adaptability. She has always been satisfied that she has given her best and that gives her the confidence to improvise herself. The below lines say it all!

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Sometimes my strategy has been flawed or I’ve haven’t learned fast enough, but whatever my failures, they haven’t been for lack of effort.'

She has always been assertive all through her life.

“Dust yourself off and try again.” Nothing lasts forever, and I could always start fresh somewhere else"

The one thing that is seen here is that she has never given up on herself.

As a first time author I appreciate her efforts for keeping the reader entertained and not being preachy and also her informal writing style. When I read, I imagine that she I'd narrating her own story. As an individual I feel that her achievements are innumerable no doubt but whatever she has narrated as a lay man I feel that most of us as a women has undergone.

There is a thin line between being confident and cocky at the same time. The memoir has failed to carry out that difference. In most of instances she was portraying that her life that she leads is a result of her hard work and achievement alone. The depression, racism, failures in her career, failed relationships and her father's demise are someting that most of have undergone at some point or the other. There is nothing to be preachy or atleast there us nothing to sob about it. No doubt that she has embarked her presence in a big way, but the privileges that she had got as child, like being born into a family of doctors from a fauji background, getting to live in different places, her hostel life, studying in US as a teenager, her parents leaving their career to support hers and so on. The privileges and exposure she had got as a child are countless the options and the opportunities for which she has been exposed to is quite high compared to an average Indian child. Eventhough she has achieved way beyond imagination, there are so many people who have carved a niche for themselves with limited resources and privileges.

On the whole, the memoir is quite empowering the quotes from the book shows how she has taken success and failures in life. The memoir exhibits her determination, hardwork, confidence, faith and dreams.The book is more of a reinvention of herself!

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