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Understand the Children's Book Writing Process With Angela Orams

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Who is Angela Orams, author of "Sneaky Sophie and the Token Fairy"?


Recently, Hubpages had the pleasure of talking with children's book author Angela Orams. She was a joy to interview, and we enjoyed hearing about her new book Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy. An avid writer, Angela is constantly working on screenplays, songwriting, and of course more upcoming books.
In addition to a picture book, Sneaky Sophie; The Token Fairy comes with a kit with plastic tokens and a token bag. In the book, children are encouraged and taught that giving is better than receiving. In addition to encouraging children to think about others, the book has its own activity that rewards them with silver tokens for thoughtful actions. Here is some more information about the author that I gathered through a sit-down interview:

Insight With Orams About Writing a Children's Book


Can you tell us about the creative work you do?

I enjoy writing children's books and I also have written screenplays. I love music and the ability to put it together with things that I've written.

How would you define creativity?

I think that creativity is the ability for one to imagine something and put it together in any form. Often people think that creativity is for dancers, writers, painters and musicians, but anyone who can come up with an idea and express it is a creator.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest children's book, Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy?

Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy is about a little girl named Sophie who discovers that whenever she loses a tooth, that she receives a token from the Token Fairy. Sophie comes up with a scheme to get more tokens from the Token Fairy even though she's only lost one tooth. Her scheme works until something goes wrong. The book comes in a kit with two types of tokens. Golden tokens are given to children whenever they've lost a tooth. Silver tokens are given to children when they have done something good for someone else.

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What inspired you to write this story?

I have always been fascinated by the concept of the Tooth Fairy. I think it's because growing up, my Nigerian parents didn't really adopt that tradition. I would leave my tooth under the pillow at night, and it would still be there in the morning. I think that having a token makes it easier for parents to participate and not have to worry about how much "money" they need to leave for their child.

What are your daily and weekly habits and practices?

I try to work on something creative every day. If I'm not actively making new content, I try to go back over things that I've done before. I find that it helps to put work away for a while (especially in writing). When I come back a few weeks later, often I'm like "Wow... that was terrible!" Then I re-write something better.

How do you handle the balance between the creative and business ends of things?

I try to schedule certain days where the main focus is creating, and other days where the main focus is business. I try to stay organized and try to do the most taxing things first.

Any advice for aspiring children's book authors?

Get a pen, pencil, crayon or keyboard and just start writing. If you have a story in your head, get it out on paper and just work on it a little every day until you're done.

What's next for you?

I would love to see my work on TV or film and continue to spread Sneaky Sophie's message of doing good things for other people.

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