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Uncolored Rainbow


If I'm sad was it sad
If I'm happy was it happy
If I'm confused was it confusing
If I'm crazy what it could be?

The dark side doesn't always mean to be down
I can clearly see how it make me shine
It's just too many steps because I can't see the ground
I might step on something I couldn't found

The favorite color
Becomes the center of attention
While everyone try to decoloration
I'm that color that you can follow

Leading you how again to use your favorite color
Shine again, for your own
Just watch you again soon alone
I'm just here because I know how to appreciate my own

My faded color
Doesn't need to shine like your form
I'm fully contented
Don't need lights to appreciate my tone

The true color fades
And you embrace the colorful taste
Owning it because of fame
They really love what they can take

The colorful game
Then you'll lose if you fade away
In a dark place
Someone hold you again that can lead you the way


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© 2020 Xalice

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