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Uplifting Quotes

Happy is a young woman with a great passion for writing she is a firm believer in making an impactful life by knowing one's purpose on Earth

“Pour your SOUL in whatever you are doing

Find your passion, Give it your all

Serve your purpose wholeheartedly with your head up

Be fierce matching to the direction of your dreams

Walk fearlessly, fight and manage all battles in between

It is your call you MUST answer it

Remember your wonderfully made, stronger than what you could imagine

In the end, everything will align in your favor

And the universe will respond with clarity’’.


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“For I know am unique and enough

Born to serve a special purpose

I will not take life for granted

No matter how the situations might get

No matter what barriers might come in my way

Regardless of any challenge that I must face

I will rise, I will conquer. I will soar

It is my duty and a race that I must run

It is an express road I know

So clear sight, determination, and focus will always be my top priorities"


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