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U R My Love

My Love


Hmm .. Ooo ..

hunn ......

I want to see you

What ?

God made you so cute!

How much Gold does God make you!

You are mad,

You are friend

You are my heart

the loveliest !

My friend is my life.

You came from the sky

to become the queen of fairies

That surprises everyone to see you.

Your face is beautiful

Like a flower.

There is no one in the world

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So directly,

This is the truth

How good !

I like your ignorance.

The loveliest

My friend

You make me so cute.

Your voice is like a cuckoo,

Your face is like a statue,

Which is gullible.

Don't go to the gardens

My heart beats.

Don't prick your feet

Don't make me crazy

Don't get lost in your words.The cloud flies

Nature speaks

What ?

the cutest…

My friend…

You are very beautiful.


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