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Types Of Stories

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A story is a tale which describes a single or many incidents and involves a plot, characters and dialogues. There are many different types of stories but mainly they are of two types: fiction and non-fiction.

The fiction stories are based on total imagination and the plot and characters of the story are completely unreal. While a non fiction story is based on real events and incidents and the characters of the story are real.

Further, there are following types of stories:


Fables are short fictional stories with a moral.

The fables are mostly for children and have a childish plot which usually involves talking animals in an imaginary world.


Fantasy Stories and Fairy Tales

The fantasy stories and fairytales are pretty much like the fables but they may or may not have a moral.

Also the fairy tales and the fantasy stories include characters such as wizards, witches, monsters, elves, goblets, and prince, princesses and fairies which live in an imaginary world where everything is beautiful and perfect.

The story usually involves a hero who fights a villain and eventually wins the battle. Or it may be a fantasy love story involving a villain.

The fantasy stories are also mostly for children.

Stories such as beauty and the beast, Aladdin, Sinbad etc are fantasy stories.

Mysterious Myths About Fantasy Creature, The Mermaids

  • Mysterious Myths About Mermaids
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Viking Legends

  • Who Were The Vikings?
    The Vikings came from their homes in Scandinavia, from the countries we now call Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The name Viking comes from the language which is called old Norse'.
Beowulf, a famous legend

Beowulf, a famous legend

The three wise monkeys, from a folklore of Japan

The three wise monkeys, from a folklore of Japan

Greek Mythical Gods And Creatures

  • Mythical Gods And Creatures
    In Greek mythology living beings come under two categories, that is, they are either gods and heroes, or creatures.
Ajax and Achilles Gaming scene, a famous Greek parable

Ajax and Achilles Gaming scene, a famous Greek parable

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Myths About Dracula And Vampires

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Myths About The Lost World Of Atlantis

  • The Lost Atlantis
    There are many mysteries in this world that have existed side by side with the evolving mankind. Ever since man started to ponder and study the things around him he learned new lessons.

Mysteries Of The Yeti

  • The Yeti Or Big Foot
    There are some things in the world that have confused mankind over the ages. Many myths,mythological creatures and lost places have been found in different cultures.

Fantasy Creatures

  • Mythical Creatures
    Supernatural creatures, which grew out from mythical stories, specially those from Greece and Egypt, are often believed to be real.
  • Legendary Mythical Beasts
    A legendary creature is a mythical or fantastic creature in historical literature. Some have their origin in traditional myths and have at one time been believed to be real beings.


Legends are the stories of a single person whose life is depicted as extraordinary in the plot. The legends may be fictional or non fictional.

Legends can also be about an exceptional incident regarding a person or they may be a series of incidents involving a single person, a family or a group of people.

Legends are passed from generation to generation. Mostly legends are non fictional incidents to which a touch of fiction to create an element of interest to the listener has been added.

Traditional and Folk Stories

The mythological stories are the stories of gods and heroes which may or not have really happened.

These are the stories that are believed to be drawn from incidents that might have occurred hundreds and thousands of years ago and for which no true evidence is available.

The stories of Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods are mythological stories. For example the stories of Pandora’s Box, sphinx at the gate of Thebes etc are the mythological stories of the Greek mythology.   

  • The Sphinx Mythology
    Ever since the beginning of the human civilization, man has believed in the presence of certain mythological creatures that possess great magical powers and have a great influence in their lives.
  • Chinese Dragon Mythology
    Amongst the most impressive and awe inspiring creatures of the Chinese mythology is the Chinese Dragon. A symbiosis of divinity and sublime power, the dragons are the rulers of the waters.
  • Western Dragon Mythology
    What Is A Dragon? What are dragons? Do they actually exist or they just another sample drawn out of a human imagination? For centuries these creatures have influenced the human culture.


A parable is a fictional story with a strong message and a moral.

The parables although have a fictional plot and characters, the issues that are pointed out in them are real and non fictional.

The parables are mostly written to point an ethical and a moral flaw of a society and the human nature. They give out a social message.

Personal Stories

The personal stories are the stories which are drawn out of a person’s own personal experiences. These are non fictional stories based on real events.

The above are the main types of stories. Below are some other types of stories based on the given types:

  • Love stories, in which there is a man and a woman who are deeply in love with each other and the whole plot revolves around their lives, their love for each other and the problems they have to face
  • Adventure stories, which are based on the adventurous and exciting events of a person or a group of people.
  • Crime stories, which are based on criminal acts such as murder, torture, rape or theft.
  • Tragic stories, the stories in which the plot revolves around a tragic incident. These are sad stories with mostly a tragic end.
  • Mystery stories, which involve an incident that has occurred due to an unknown reason and a detective or any person who finds out the cause of the problem. The most common mystery stories are the murder mystery stories.

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