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Two Friends Decide to Stop Eating to Protest Against Their Wives

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Two friends, Tyler and Joshua were tired of their nagging wives. Whenever they hang out with each other, both of them complained about their wives to each other. They always were disturbed by their wives who always kept arguing with them about everything and made life difficult for them.

One day Tyler had an idea to stop both of their wives from nagging them. He shared his idea with his friend when they met each other for a drink

"I'll lock myself up in a room and refuse to talk to my wife," said Tyler.

"What happens next?" asked Joshua.

"My wife will feel guilty for the trouble she caused me," said Tyler. "And then she will apologize to me for causing all the trouble to me."

"Wow," said Joshua. "That sounds like a good plan. Let's see how it goes."

The next day, Tyler decided to work on his plan. When he and his wife sat down for breakfast, she started arguing with him as usual. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity, Tyler decided to act on his plan.

"I am tired of you," said Tyler. "I will not talk to you unless you apologize to me for all the trouble you caused. I'll lock myself in my room until then."

"Fine," said Tyler's wife. "I don't care."

So Tyler stayed locked up in his room and didn't come out. On the first day, his wife didn't give any attention to him. On the second day, his wife told him to come out of his room.

"Stop being so dramatic," she said. "Come out of your room. One day you'll come out by yourself, I know that. So no use in being dramatic today."

"I won't," said Tyler.

This went on for three more days. On the fifth day, his wife got worried. She was feeling concerned that her husband hasn't come out of his room for such a long time.

"Honey, won't you eat anything?" she asked, worried. "You must be feeling hungry."

"I won't come out because you disappointed me," said Tyler. His wife kicked the door and went away.

Even though she was angry for the first five days, she started getting really worried after nine days have passed. On the tenth day, she finally apologized to her husband.

"Honey, I am so sorry for disturbing you. You haven't eaten for so many days, I'm so worried about you. I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you."

Tyler finally comes out of his room and hugs his crying wife.

"Let's stop fighting with each other forever," he said. His wife agreed. She tried her best not to disappoint him again from the next day onwards.

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The next morning, Tyler meets his friend Joshua and tells him everything that happened in the last ten days. Joshua was impressed by what Tyler did to make his wife stop fighting with him.

"I think that I should also do this with my wife," said Joshua. "Maybe she will finally stop showing attitude to me after ten days."

Joshua goes home fully prepared to do the same thing that Tyler did to his wife. Immediately after reaching home, he barges towards his room and slams the door behind him. His wife knocks on his door and asks him what's wrong.

"You always keep arguing with me," said Joshua. "I won't come out of this room until you are sorry for disturbing me."

"Lol," said his wife. "Let's see for how many days you can stay locked up inside your room without food and water."

Joshua's wife went away to her room, with a bored look on her face. She didn't seem to care even if her husband ignored her for a thousand days.

Although he was fully motivated at first, Joshua started feeling hungry after one day of not coming out of his room. He wanted to go out but didn't, since he wanted to teach his wife a lesson.

After three days passed, Joshua was feeling extremely weak. He asked his wife, "Won't you apologize to me?"

"No," said his wife. "In fact, you deserve more scolding from me."

After five days passed, Joshua came out of his room himself, crying.

"I am so hungry and thirsty," he wept. "Please give me some food and water, my dear wife."

"First tell sorry to me for all this drama you showed me," said his wife.

"I am sorry," wept Joshua. "Now please give me some food and water."

The next day, Joshua meets his friend Tyler and informs him that he failed to teach his wife a lesson.

"How did you manage to lock yourself up without food and water for ten days?" asked Joshua.

"Bro, I sneaked out of my room in the middle of the night when my wife slept," said Tyler.

"I go to the kitchen, eat food, drink water, and come back to my room again. And then I stay locked up for the whole day. I even bring food and water inside my room to eat during the next day.

Just because I told my wife that I won't eat or drink anything until she says sorry to me, doesn't mean that I will actually starve myself. I just have to make it look like I'm starving because of her, I don't actually have to starve in reality."


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