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Two Dialogues

The giant John Colby was a great philosopher of 400 BC.
Alexander the Great heard the name of this philosopher from his teacher Aristotle. Twice there were conversations between him and Alexander that not only became part of history but also changed the course of Alexander's life and thinking. Alexander often mentioned this philosopher with his companions. Moreover, he had gone so far in his conquests that it was not possible for him to return from this turning point. But her meetings with the teacher left a deep impression on her heart and mind.

aristotle and alexander

aristotle and alexander

First Dialogue

One day, Alexander the Great heard of his fame and came to visit him. Diogenes was not surprised at his arrival, nor was he disturbed. On the contrary, Alexander waited for a while. "I am Alexander, the conqueror of Greece and king of Macedonia. I have heard much praise from my teacher Aristotle, I want to do something for you, tell me what can I do for you? " On this, Dev Johns uttered the historical phrase which became immortal in the books of philosophy and later became a proverb. He said ;

He said,

"If you want to do something for me, just stand back. I'm basking in the sun and you're standing in his way."

Alexander was impressed by her selflessness.

This meeting had such an effect on him that he said, "If I were not Alexander, I would be a giant."

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Second Dialogue

When Alexander's conquests were at their height, he longed to see her again. This time the giant John Kalby replied to the messenger that he wanted to invite the king to dinner. He invited Alexander the Great to dinner, but he arranged for Alexander and his companions to eat in separate tents.
Ordinary food for the companions while for Alexander he kept a plate full of jewels and covered it with a cloth. When Alexander's patience ran out, he said, "Dear teacher, when will our food come?" "That's food," said Clubby. Alexander said, "How can one eat jewels?"
After hearing this answer, Dev Johns again uttered a historical sentence

"O king, if a man eats only two loaves of bread, then why have you made such a fuss all over the world? "

These words opened Alexander the Great's eyes and touched his heart. He did not forget the words of the teacher till his death and said at the last moment, "When I die, keep both my hands out of my shroud so that people may know that when a king like me passed away, both his hands were empty." Were

aristotle and alexander

aristotle and alexander

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