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Enjoy examples of verbosity in writing

Get acquainted with VERBOSITY

Verbosity or garrulousness or prolixity refers to the school of writing where writers use too many words or a twisted or shadowy language to narrate the events. Such language may complicate the substance of an article and deviate reader’s attention away towards linguistic details. But this kind of language has also the ability to provide precision to the narration. Succinct writing style focuses mainly on the crux of the matter but deprives the reader of the beauty and ornamentation he enjoys in verbosity.

Following are some examples of verbosely written sentences and their simple meanings are also provided to understand the difference. So enjoy verbosity and try your hand at it.

1. Even in that apex premises of education and learning led by the likes of Mr. Charlton and His majesty Mr. Williams, who were supposed to be living embodiments of knowledge and idolized by both contemporary youth and intellect alike, the new entrant who had expressed his inability to pay the requisite dues owing to the acute poverty of his pauper family, was denied a seat in the next course of the curriculum.

Simple meaning: The poor new student was not admitted to the next class since he could not pay the fee.

2 Even after the doomsday of nuclear warfare, when all the known signs of life will be swept off by electromagnetic radiations, a tiny familiar animal with twin antennal- flagella and jonted legs, though with faded exoskeleton, will come out from a weary hole on the face of a red-burnt cliff to be the new master of this once homo-sapiens dominated piece of the universe.

Simple meaning: A cockroach can survive through a nuclear war.

3. Amidst the sweet reverberations caused by the melodiously composed musical milieu, descended on the dais, his would-be soul mate for the rest of the journey called ‘life’, attired in snowy-white costumes and her tearful eyes stole a glance of his countenance from behind the veil of modesty and grace.

Simple meaning: The bride looked at him.

4. The emperor of the moving kingdom visualized the overcast sky, sensed the tempest in- the- make and sighed dejectedly. This man who found at his finger tips, making the mighty iron vessel slip on the huge blue mat of the nature, now felt like a helpless soul and ultimately allowed the vehicle of about thousand travelers on board to dance to the whim of the waves.

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Simple meaning: The captain lost control of the ship.

5. The thespian of the bygone era appeared on the dais wearing grace in its true elements and delivered to a hypnotized audience, the intricacies of what is known as acting and nuances and tweaks a rising artist should have up his or her sleeve to mesmerize and bind the spectators with love and delicate strength similar to that of a silk fibre meant to bind a gorgeous gift.

Simple meaning: The experienced actor explained the finer points of acting.

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RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY (author) from India on August 30, 2012:


Thanks a lot. I have corrected the mistakes. I intend to write more articles where the reader enjoys the beauty of the language.

tintinomalley on August 30, 2012:

A few nice examples of verbosity. However the use of the word "dias" in examples 3 and 5 cause some confusion, perhaps a typographical error, to be replaced with "Dais", perhaps?

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