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Truth or Dare Src Review

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What is it about?

Truth or Dare by Lindsay Murray is about two people who knew each other as kids. Red is friends with Tilly’s brother, Micah. Throughout their childhood, Red and his friends teased and bullied Tilly. It wasn’t until one prank revealed Tilly was crushing on Red, that things began to change. Both characters went to different colleges, but they ended up finding each other again. Only now, the one question they face is will they finally get together or will it be a disaster as Tilly foretold about it in a book she wrote?


Truth or Dare is a short Novella. With a total of 90 pages, it doesn’t take too long to read. It was a delightful read. I feel that although the story plot is good, that the book could have used better editing. There were times when there was a grammatical error that made me do a double take. However, that is the only major issue I had. I did have a small issue with time skipping. I get it is possible to not have a huge time frame to have to write, when the characters are only texting, but I feel it could have been even better with the additional information.

With how it is written now, it is still a beautiful story. It isn’t completely dirty, so we don’t’ get to see all the smut that is often given in romance novels these days. It was refreshing, but it is still an good innocent romance story. I love how the characters are in the arts and how they are each other’s muse and don’t even realize it until later in the story. It was cute and heartwarming. It will make you tear up a bit though. It touches you in ways you didn’t realize you wish you knew about before meeting your significant other. It is just super cute.

Due to how short it was, I recommend Truth or Dare to anyone looking for a quick read. Possibly only and hour or two long. It would definitely be a good in between books, in my opinion. Especially since it left me wanting another book right after it. I do not recommend if you are looking for anything too in depth. It is still a good readd and it is fairly decent read and quite enjoyable, but it is nothing to sate that romance taste on your tongue.

Because of all of what has been said, rating Truth or Dare was hard. I loved it, but wasn’t super crazy over the length. Thus, I have rated it three out of four stars. It is still rather entertaining, but it is kind of short for my liking and felt a little rushed. If romance novellas are your type of book, definitely check it out. I also want to say I received an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in exchange for an honest review.

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