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True Paranormal Stories which Happened with Me and my Relatives

Riffat is a housewife and spends her time in reading good articles, trying to write, and taking care of her cute son.

Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity with you? If your answer is “yes” so my article is not going to be strange for you. Most of people in the world often experience paranormal activities, it’s scary but it’s true. In this article I am not going to discuss that ghost are real or not, or they exist in the world or not, it’s a different debate. I just want to share my and my relatives experiences with you that how we faced it.

A Beautiful apartment

In 2007 my parents shifted in an apartment, that time I was unmarried. I and my sisters loved it because it was so beautiful. It is situated on a road which is going towards Malir Cantt Karachi. The apartment building was surrounded by the trees and other residential area was a short distance from the apartment, that time we didn’t know that the apartment was haunted.

Scary Nights

I and my younger sister shared a room, that time I used to sleep early because I had to go school early in the morning where I was fulfilling my responsibilities as a teacher. One night I woke up because of someone who was beating on my head, I opened my eyes and looked here and there but I couldn’t see to anybody. Another night I woke up due to disturbance, this time someone pulled my blanket when I looked around the room there was no anybody except me and my sister. Some days later again I woke up due to my sister fell on me crying and screaming, she was continuously saying that someone was sitting beside me, I switch on the light and make her sure that there is no anybody but it happened again after some days this time she saw someone standing beside her such as someone looking out of window but when she screamed the shadowy person disappeared.

Now I don’t remember that how much time had been passed when this occurrence happened, one night I woke up because someone is screaming fiercely, unconsciously I started screaming with fear and started running I reached in living room and fell on my another sister who was sleeping in living room. She woke up too and asked me with fear about situation, my father came out from his room and asked that what happened and why were you screaming, at that time my sister who shared the room with me came out from the kitchen. She was so scared and was crying, my father got tense to see her and asked her that why she wasn’t in her room at that time, in the answer she raised her finger towards me and again started crying. We made her comfortable and offered water after taking water she told complete incident, she said that she woke up and went wash room when she came back she saw me in sitting position in the middle of bed. She stopped for a while and thought that why api is sitting like that, she calls me “api”. She came to me and sat beside me and asked, what happened api but I didn’t give any response she putted her hand on my shoulder and asked again api what happened? Do you need to go washroom? At that time I just looked at her and she ran from there with screaming, that was the time when I woke up due to noise and started running towards her but I swear that I don’t remember that I was sitting before waking up I don’t remember anything that what happened to me and why I was sitting like this. I just remember when I was asleep, I heard someone screaming. One thing is important to consider that these entire incidents happened at 03:00 AM.

An Old Woman

There is one more incident I have which relates to that apartment, it was almost 02:00 AM I am not sure about the time my brother was at the roof with his friend. They were busy in some argument when they heard an old woman screaming outside. They looked at the road where an old woman was running and 4 or 5 dogs were chasing her, they were trying to bite her and were barking on her. My brother and his friend ran towards the stairs for helping her and when they reached outside the woman was disappeared, but the dogs were still barking my brother looked at the way where the dogs were looking so he noticed that the woman was standing in front of Army graveyard which is situated at the distance of one kilometre from the apartment. They were shocked that how an old woman can walk or run so fast, one kilometre distance is a big distance. It was a mystery for us.

An Old House

That story is about my mother. When she was a child and went to school on the way there was an old and empty house, the house was so big but little scary, the walls paint had been finished, the windows had been broken and the garden had lost its original shape but there was a one tree who was still alive. That was a jujube tree, and it had fruits also, the main door was lock but there was a hole in the wall towards ground so when my mother with her friends used to come back from school, so on the way they always took fruits from the hole. One day when my mother put her hand in the hole and tried to take fruit someone hold her hand, she was scared and started crying but unknown personality didn’t release her, her friends ran away, almost after five or six minutes she got freedom and ran away towards home. After that my mother and her friends never go there but she still confused that what was that.

A Haunted Restaurant

Before getting marriage my husband used to do job in a famous pizza restaurant. The restaurant was haunted, he told me many stories which he experienced himself or heard from others, I am sharing here one of them in my husband words.

In 2007 I was working in pizza restaurant as a delivery boy, in our restaurant the office and changing room was on the first floor and the dining area was on the ground floor. One day when shift had been closed and we all were waiting for our boss who was in the office; we were calling him because we were getting late and we always left the office together. My boss locked the office and came down from the stairs when he reached us one of our colleague suddenly said that, I am coming from the changing room and went to upstairs, we waited for a while but he didn’t come back so we called him that Kamran, please come down. But we didn’t get any response so we again called him two or three times in the answer he came from dining hall and said, what happened? I was waiting for you for twenty minutes. We all were shocked to see him at the ground floor. We asked him that you went upstairs before ten minutes but he denied and he was right because there was a only one to go upstairs and that was in our sights. It was out of our minds.

These all occurrences are real and based on true experiences. I hope you’ll enjoy to read the article, I have some more true stories maybe I share that stories in another article.


Riffat Junaid (author) from Pakistan on July 28, 2020:

Yes Saba Zafar, It's scary. Thanks for visit, God bless you.

Saba Zafar on July 27, 2020:

Ohhh it's so scarry

Riffat Junaid (author) from Pakistan on July 25, 2020:

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experiencing any paranormal activity is scary but excited too in my opinion. By the way my family is not living in that apartment now. Thanks for comment Farrah.

Riffat Junaid (author) from Pakistan on July 25, 2020:

Yes Ruby Jean, It's scary. Thanks for commenting. God bless you.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on July 25, 2020:

I have never experienced any paranormal activity, and hope I never do! Interesting and scary.

Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on July 25, 2020:

Although I'm yet to experience any paranormal activity, I know they exist and I would be terrified if one happened to me.

You and your family are really brave to have continued staying in that house with all that happening.

I would leave and not look back.

Riffat Junaid (author) from Pakistan on July 25, 2020:

Thanks for your appreciation Alexander.

Riffat Junaid (author) from Pakistan on July 25, 2020:

John Hansen, thanks for your comment.

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on July 24, 2020:

This is fascinating.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 24, 2020:

Interesting and creepy.

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