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True Inspiration and the Coming Age of Aquarius Pt 2

Life is Symbolic. Start Interpreting.

Life is Symbolic. Start Interpreting.

Deep Thought

Be centered in the self and you will Keep Chaotic Forces at Bay

The more I watch the news, I get the jest that there is an agenda. The news acts as an attention-seeking person starving for attention," hey you. Look over here at me." I get the jest that the attention of my eyes is needed to watch and make a reality. More propaganda that fuels hate and makes high rating builds more fire to the flame, and builds a Hellenistic world. No Caligula, I do not want to see people get eaten by lions, nor do I want to feed your sadistic drive. When you are centered in yourself, you can call out these demons that appear before you. When these elusive forces appear to you, call it out for what it is, and give power back to yourself. The intent of the illusive world is to take energy. You are the God, Buddha however that looks to you who is to dictate what is to be built that aligns with a spiritual-moral compass.

As spiritual beings having a human experience we have to live in the world and not be of it. We have to be in awareness of all the things that are going on around us and question things that are a threat to life. When we get to the point when we feel a feeling of emptiness as if nothing matters, or you say, “Oh well that is how the world is”. This means you have been on a higher beta level to long and it becomes of you. When you have a higher beta wave frequency it can cause you to be doubtful of your life, have distorted perceptions, your thoughts are out of perspective, and can lead to anxiety. According to the San Diego Center for Neurofeedback, a person with a higher beta wave frequency will experience stressful conditions such as anxiety, sleeplessness, intense fear. Ramsdell, A., and Ramsdell, A., 2020. Beta Wave Basics, Part 2 — San Diego Center For Neurofeedback. [online] San Diego Center for Neurofeedback. Available at: <> [Accessed 16 September 2020]. You can not flip a light switch on prolonged high beta energy. The more you try and you wonder, why isn’t this not working, your not happy with how a situation came out, something did not turn out the way you wanted, and your life has a repetition of the same results. Karma can play into this, but that is another discussion.

We as soul beings having a human experience have to come into the realization that we are surrounded by energy and we are energy. Like the earth, our heart has an electromagnetic field. When you meditate and alter your state of consciousness into theta state, your heart sends signals to your brain. While you are meditating, or in a state where you are aware of self you can focus on love, compassion joy, and emit that through your heart out into the world. When you unite your mind and your heart in awareness of your breathing you are in awareness with yourself. This brings to mind the Song by Mister Mister, the part that says, the heart holds your memories, your body turns a gem-like flame, somewhere between the soul and its soft machine, is where I find yourself again.

Have you noticed that time stands still when you love? You are very present in that moment. Love has altered your reality and changed your world. Time stands still for a homeless person. whom you give something to eat. When you go out to help someone, it is the God, Buddha, or (however that looks to you) trying to save the world. When you use the power of love, you can use it to manipulate space and time. When you have respect for life and show gratitude with a smile you affect the world around you. Every day you wake up you are creating the world you live in with your thoughts and what you carry in your heart. Think, what kind of world do you want to create? What kind of co-creator are you?

Be Your Most Authentic Self

No one wants to be authentic anymore. Everyone wants to do what is popular even if it means losing self-respect and integrity. When people are respected more for not having self-respect, it is a sign the world is on a tipping point. People are so far from themselves these days they do not know how to feel ashamed of bad behaviors. A mentally healthy person knows how to be appalled at such behavior, but when the behavior becomes rapid throughout society the mentally healthy person can become conditioned to normalcy and get to the point of speechlessness that they cannot call out what it is.

People are lacking in a moral compass. They would rather trade their moral compass for Eurocentricity. Eurocentricity, a pseudo-intelligence that is real skeptical and uses skeptical behavior to act intelligently. A sociopathic mindset will use arrogance as a means to discredit credible information and downplay it to make it look less credible, to those that do not acknowledge references, cited material, scientific methods, or natural ethics based on real facts. The world be in trouble if such people were made judge and jury. In this 21th century, the media seems to make those personality types judge and jury and cater to them to help get their agenda across. Furthermore, such personality types are being used to help keep the world in darkness and to hold human evolution back. Narrow minds cannot conceive that they are being fed propaganda for a greater agenda. My point is that when people are far from themselves they turn into sociopathic monsters.

Lack of Respect for Inspiration

One would have to be careful to put your precious pearls before swine. They will trample all over it, or take it from you, or hold it up like a trophy and say that it was their idea. It is important to not be caught up in eurocentricity, and egocentricity it feeds the ego of desires and only cares for endless debates to feed pride. People that do not have a connection to a divine moral compass source have mental illnesses. One mental illness that is dominating today's society is narcissism. You will notice that narcissistic people do not know that they are disrespecting the boundaries of others and are crossing the line. If you catch yourself having to tell a person that your personal life is not up for discussion you might be communicating with a narcissist.

Mostly everyone on the planet is in a fight over energy, people are like energy vampires and feed off of one another's energy. People should humble themselves and share information with each other, and to show admiration towards their fellow. To grow as a universal intelligence as a collective on a planet takes platonic love. To share what you know in love and encouragement, in want of wanting to see the person to know what you know. Sharing energy back and forward helps us as a collective in our human evolution. Know that if I am intelligent, you are intelligent, everyone as a collective is the same person, we are just different versions of one another, multiple brains sharing as one.

When people see a beautiful soul express themselves in intelligence or an art form they should open their hearts. This person is sharing and pouring love into you. Give input a share what you know and not lean on our own understanding but a divine source, that is the source of our thinking and to live a healthy spiritual life. For iniquity is destruction and annihilation of our own human evolution in the long run. if we cannot align ourselves with our divine birthright and we perpetuate iniquity against all that is good and not follow a moral-ethical compass that will reflect into the universe and come back to us as destruction.

Be careful what you leave in people's heart, it comes back as karma. When you are asleep at night, where is your heart truly? Are you true to yourself, or do you secretly betray yourself for personal gain? The ego gives dopamine rewards just as the devil gives rewards for bad behavior. Whatever is in your heart it reflects itself back into the world as your ruler. Be-careful what the illusions show your eyes, they need you to help build their world, and it will surely suck you in. People in the world are ruled by beliefs and ideas that form their world and affect the world that we live in. People that side with the majority that promotes iniquity, some have an evil awaking. Some are also born with an evil awaking, their ego has an evil eye that looks on at the good person and thinks "They do not know how the world works, everyone will turn against this one. This one is the weakest link and will be the sacrifice." This wicked belief trickles down into society and takes kindness for weakness and kills inspiration. Signs of it are seen in the schools.

Everyone seems to want to do what is popular and what the majority is doing even if that majority has bad intentions. No one wants to sacrifice for the greater good for the spiritual, intangible things that cost nothing such as truth, love peace, and those things that give us liberty and freedom. For I honor that place in you where the entire universe dwells, that same place in you that aligns with light, eternal grace, peace, love, and truth, because when you are in that places in you and I am in that places in me, you and I are one.

Soul Expression

Take notice of the effect that your tongue has on a person. The tongue brings out what you have in your heart. If you say to a person, "I love you" It puts a smile on their face and happiness in their heart. it affects their reality at that moment. Their world looks brighter. Imagine if you said with so but vulgar, "I hate you". The person can feel the hate that you are extending out on to them. The ways that you affect a person's heart also affect their electromagnetic field, in-turn it has an effect on the world's electromagnetic field. Researchers have found that the hearts electromagnetic field possess coding that transmits outside of the body, Heart Math Institute. 2020. The Energetic Heart Is Unfolding - Heart math Institute. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 15 September 2020]. if you carry hate in your electromagnetic field, it can be transferred to people that are around you.

This world should be in a state of lovemaking of platonic love. People should be expressing themselves out on their balcony, in the parks, and street corners. When you are out into the world, people should be greeting each other with a smile, complementing one another to build each other. While you are walking you should see artists out showing off their paintings, people singing and being merry, and people expressing themselves through poetry. The more you show and spread love it alters reality and pushes out an unrelenting world.

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