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A Unity of Trinity in Classroom

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A Unity of Trinity in Classroom

Trinity of Class Room

Mr. Board, proudly boasted “Knowledge is conferred on me”

“Comprehension” explained with me, pompously said, Mr. Chalk,

“How long you boasted, unless me, who immaculate you

After washing, Chalk activates writing

No shampooing of your face and dust

Like untidy children you are. And then

You legible and indubitable”…..proclaimed, Mr. Duster

They speak to one another………

“Quest for Knowledge supplied with our assistance

to Human, Technologies advent has evasion

Slightly dominated us, Mr. Board sized itself and turned into

New shapes invented like-White Board,

In smart class room.

What we display, not knowingly present,

What we write, irrelevantly inscription so on,

What a student aware of all on what content, art of writing

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And work of wisdom, vital for knowing knowledge.”

Chalk speaks who writes without me,

Duster says who shampooing you without me

Board tells without me nowhere you will be.

Oh! Halt such nonsense, Techno– enemies stepped into our realm

Our provenience losing out by moderate look

“I” replaced of white board, said Mr. Board

Mr. Chalk you are instead of Colors of Markers

Mr. Duster you only left undisturbed.

We are made of materials to be servants of human

Rendering services for long, noticed here

For their enhancement of technologies standards

Any inventions came but no electrified for long,

They paused in deadly silent,

Mr. Boar saying we are heart of class room for strengthening

Knowledge to mankind, but we are not knowledge,

The conventional usage man shaped us

To be civilized years after years.

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