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Trillion Dollar Coin Mint

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Far in the horizon when you go to
sleep, Freud opens a door for us — there
is a dark sea of utter blackness — there
is no human sound that can be
Heard there: but cats' "miao-miao"
and a melancholy flute melody
is heard for infinity. . .

Far in the distance there is a room ~
in that room, your innumerable
selves that you have lost
during sleep and dreaming — they are
arranged carefully in a mahogany
The world that was flower-like...
A world where no animals were in
circus, where no animals were
slaughtered for meat. A world where
tiger cubs became friends with
baby rabbits, and tiger mums became
best friends with rabbit mums. A perfect
world! A world that Marx dreamed
of in a 2 p.m. sleep in 4-room
and one bathroom house — a world
where everyone is a billionaire; nay,
a trillionaire.

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