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Tribulations of Mark:- Part 8

I got my interest in writing while in primary school. I enjoy creating stories that can be read by people. And I am the first to read them.

He Was Bored

Bored, he would not spend the day indoors

Bored, he would not spend the day indoors

There Were Circulating Rumours that

Continued from part 7

It was another weekend and Mark did not know how to spend it. Sometimes some of the weekends ended up being boring especially when he was not busy.

This Saturday promised to be a quite boring one with the fact that his wife Esther had refused to come back to him.

She had even changed her phone number and according to the intelligence Mark had collected, she had also not reported to her workplace.

What was not clear was whether she had gone for leave or had been transferred to another branch.

There were circulating rumours that she had gotten married by the bank manager. But this was a refutable claim because the bank manager had been known to be married and had one kid.

Elders from Marks’ side wanted to go to her parents and solve the “matter” as they called it. Mark had opposed that suggestion.

He had urged them to wait a little longer and they had agreed. But they gave him less than a month.

Kenya shillings note

Kenya shillings note

Kenya shillings note

She Looked at Him and Flashed a Shy Smile

The pain had lessened, but the effect of what Esther had done to him was visible. She had left him looking like a shell of a man, no longer the robust, merry and outgoing person.

He was like a man lost in the wilderness. Even in class, he had had a tough time trying to concentrate on teaching his students.

Mark made a decision, he would not spend the day indoors. He would have to go to town and do some shopping.

Before that, he had some clean-up to do. His house was in mess starting from the kitchen all the way to the bedroom.

The place needed a thorough cleaning. The problem was he didn’t know which corner to start and which one to finish with. He decided to start with the kitchen utensils because they were not many.

He took the dirty kitchen utensils to the common washing area since there was no running water in the kitchen. The kitchen tap had blocked and it had not yet been repaired.

A young maid of his immediate door neighbour was busily washing clattering dishes while whistling an unknown tune.

She was gyrating her wide hips like a hypnotized dervish to the rhythm of her song. She looked at him and flashed a shy smile in his direction.

He Was Tired to the Bone

He positioned himself in one of the free corners and began his work. After laying down everything, he realized he did not have soap.

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He rushed back to the kitchen and fetched it. It was tedious and tiring work and he kept muttering and cursing softly under his breath.

In the process of cleaning up glass plates, one literally jumped out of his hands. Before he could catch it, it came crashing down into smithereens.

The young maid jumped with fright nearly dropping a giant thermos flask she was rinsing. She finished her work and he watched her walk away with the fluidity of unfurling silk.

When all the chores were done, he was tired to the bone. He took a cold shower and prepared himself to go to town.

On arrival, he went to an ATM to withdraw money for use, but he couldn’t locate his ATM card which was always in his wallet.

He tried to flashback the last time he had used it, but could not recall. Then he decided to withdraw over the counter even if it was a bit costly and time-consuming.

There was a long meandering queue which he had no option but to join. The service was very slow; most of the counters didn’t have attendants.

Despite the cooling system that had been installed, the place was still hot and the air stuffy. When his turn came, he handed his Identification Card and account number and then he informed the cashier how much he wanted.

The cashier keyed in the details without looking up, then he looked up suddenly and placed one hand under his chin as if his head had suddenly become heavy.

An ATM Machine

He went to an ATM to withdraw money for use

He went to an ATM to withdraw money for use

A Cold Sweat Trickled Down Marks’ Spine

“How much do you want to withdraw?” The cashier asked.

“I told you Kenya shillings 10,000/=,” Mark replied not trying to hide his irritation.

The cashier stared at the computer screen in front of him as if it had suddenly abused him. He typed again this time rapidly and then looked up.

He shook his head as he talked. “You don’t have any money in your account.”

An uncomfortable period of silence elapsed before Mark asked, “What did you say?”

The cashier leaned back, “there is no money in your account.”

Mark stared at the cashier as if he had no teeth in his mouth. “Is this some kind of a joke? The last time I withdrew, I left a lot of money on my account.”

The cashier spoke politely, “What you should do is get your statement and review all these withdrawals you have made almost daily. Go to counter 1, you will be able to get your account statement."

A cold sweat trickled down Marks’ spine as he moved to counter 1. He filled the form for requesting his statement whereby he was requested to wait for about 20 minutes.

The waiting period was torturous, akin to that of a man on death row. He kept on fidgeting wondering what had happened to his hard-earned money.

A One Thousand Kenyan Note

A one thousand Kenya Shillings note

A one thousand Kenya Shillings note

He Felt his Heart Thumping Wildly Inside his Mouth

The waiting ended when he was called to take his statement. He stared at it in disbelief.

The first thing he looked at was the ending balance, it was reading Kshs 40.

He looked at the top and he saw a lot of withdrawals spanning back about 2 weeks before his wife had deserted him and all of them from different ATMs.

His mind flashed back to his missing ATM card. There was only one person who had his pin code, his wife Esther.

He felt his heart thumping wildly inside his mouth and strange dizziness inside his head.

His mouth was dry as dust and he felt the funny sensation inside his head heighten. And then he knew it was coming.

Only he wasn't sure what it would be. A loss of consciousness or a fatal heart attack.

He could dimly see people running away from him as he fell face-first on the slippery floor of the banking hall crunching at his bank statement.

He Fainted

He felt a funny sensation before hitting the ground

He felt a funny sensation before hitting the ground

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Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on September 25, 2019:

Thanks, Tori for keeping up with the story. Writers make bad and good things happen to their creations.

Tori Leumas on September 25, 2019:

Wow, he just keeps having bad things happen to him, poor man.

Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on September 01, 2012:

lucy patrick, Part nine is coming soon, keep checking. Thanks for reading and commenting.

lucy patrick on September 01, 2012:

what did part 9 do

Patrick Kamau (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on October 09, 2011:

@lucy patrick, thanks, its coming soon.

lucy patrick on October 09, 2011:

waiting for part 9

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