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Trestle: A Fantastic Tale about a Ghost Train worth Checking out

Trestle by Joe Hart

Joe Hart is an author I’ve seen on end caps over the years. And since I started reading books on the Kindle, the algorithm is always suggesting his books to me constantly. And I never really bothered to try out the author. Then one of his books went on sale. It was an anthology of his shorter works called Something Came Through and it appeared to be some spooky stuff I might like. As usual, unless the stories are interconnected, I tend to review short stories individually and this is my review of the first story in this collection, Trestle.

So what is it about? It’s about a farm boy teenager named John. After the death of his father, he is helping his mother run the farm. But a big event is coming up. His friends are all gathering together to “pay the devil his due,” and invites him along. It’s a tradition of the teenagers in this town. There are numerous ghost stories involving a haunted trestle bridge and a demonic train, and teenagers love to get drunk and tempt fate against these “maybe” real ghosts. John is terrified of these stories, and tries to tell his friends not to go. But despite being terrified and haunted by nightmares, he decides he ultimately might be able to save his friends if he decides to go.

So the good and bad? Let’s start with the good. I really loved this story. It was a great little horror tale that felt like a blend of John Carpenter film and a Joe Hill novel. The characters were great. The pacing was great. The detail was wonderful. It had this air of mystery and was suspenseful all the way, though. And strangely, it had more heart than I expected. It’s just a great little horror tale. I really enjoy every moment of it.

The bad? I thought this was great. I cannot think of something I didn’t like about this story.

Overall, this is the first thing I ever read by Joe Hart and I’m impressed. This was a fantastic little horror tale which is great because I feel very good horror is hard to find. It makes me want to look into Hart’s other work. I think this is a must read if you enjoy the genre. So go ahead and check this out. This is really is worth the read.

5 smoothies out of 5

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Overall Rating:

A Fantastic Tale about a Ghost Train worth Checking out


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