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Tree: A Beautiful Lesson for Ourselves

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Adnan is a poet, writer and story teller who lives in Maharashtra India.

A Tree

I'm not a tree. I'm very different from tree. I'm thankful to god that I'm not a tree.

But sometimes, i sit and i think the tree lives way longer than i live. Trees are outdate for hundreds of years at times and what do they do.

There are peoples who pass, people who are loud, people who are soft, people who are stamping, people who are flying pass, people who are in drugs, people who are in cars. The tree doesn't mind. He is doing his job. Ignore it.

There are birds comes on it. There are birds may not want to come on it. The tree doesn't mind.
I still provide fruits every year. I will still give the shade, whoever want to benefit let them benefits. I will still continue giving the flowers once or twice a year, no matter who comes and who benefits.

I will continue doing my job. I'm not worried about what others have to say about me in terms of negativity. I'm going to be positive.

Wow. I learnt a lesson from what.... A tree.
I'll continue doing my business no matter what People have to say. I'm different. I will do my business.

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"Don't lose your goodness based on someones else's evil".

© 2022 Adnan

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