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Transferred Love

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The Custom

It has been the custom of the family of Ologbonsere in the community of Enitogbon to find a spouse for their children and Lollibee the father of Ranilo has been harping this to the external pinnae and ossicles of their children early in their life time.

As soon as any of his children clocked 10 years old he will start to tell that child that the custom of the family must be preserved. What is the custom of the family? The custom is getting a responsible spouse for their children either within the community or outside the community. Therefore, as a rule he will say, it is my responsibility as your father to get you a wonderful and responsible spouse from a responsible and respected family.

Since it is the culture of the family the children will not argue and their father.


At Graduation Venue

When Ranilo was in High School, her father had somebody in mind that he wanted his daughter to be married to. This Young chap comes from an average family in the community, the father of the Young chap is Mr Lollibee childhood friend.

The name of the young child is Gunfe he is one of the promising stars among the footballers of the High School people love him because he is level-headed boy obedient and very hard-working.

Ranilo and Gunfe have been friends through their father's friendship and they have maintained their friendship over the years. Their fathers have however mistaken this friendship of theirs to mean romantic involvement between the two young teenagers.

Gunfe had proposed to Ranilo but Ranilo has not accepted his proposal asking him to hang on a little while longer.

He continued to hang on till they finished from the High School.

All those times her parents have thought they had been seriously dating.

On the day of their graduation, Lollibee while talking to his daughter, Ranilo says, "won't you take a photo with your spouse?"

Ranilo looked surprised because she couldn't remember that she had told her father that she was dating anyone. Then she asks "and who is that, Papa?"

He points to where Gunfe was together with his parents.

Chuckling, "he isn't my spouse" she responded

"I thought both of you have been seeing each other considering how you used to interact with each other when we visit their family or when they visit us in his company"

"No Papa, we ain't seeing each other, when the time comes you will know my spouse" she responded.

Her father couldn't hide the shock as it reflected on his face. He composed himself, then pushed the word forward in another format. As a friend and a person who belongs to your set, would you like to take a photo with him?

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She replied that she doesn't want to take special photos with him apart from the ones they have jointly taken together with other graduating students.

Lollibee, having known his daughter, decided not to push the matter further so that the joyous occasion won't be spoiled.

"No qualms" he replied as they continued with other things they were doing at the venue. He soon stands up from that place to go to Gunfe's site to talk with his parents and congratulate him.

Ranilo's Turn

Soon enough the graduation ceremony came to an end and they left the venue.

When they got home, Lollibee called his wife, Lollilaa, saying that she needs to talk with her daughter because she can't break the custom of the family, he won't be alive looking at her break the custom of the family.

Lollilaa begged her husband to take it easy with his daughter for she believes that she knows what's at stake and would not disappoint him nor the family.

As from that day forward, Lollibee has been disturbing Ranilo for he wants her to start dating Gunfe because he knows when she secures admission into an institution of higher learning bringing her to terms with the Young Man Gunfe may not be easy.

One day, Lollilaa called her daughter and discussed with her at length about what her father has been telling her and the custom of the family which she is expected not to break. She asks her to confide in her of what's in her heart.

Ranilo was initially afraid of confiding in her mother but after some other times she opened up saying, she though likes Gunfe as a Young Man and as a friend but she doesn't like marrying him, she has no feelings whatsoever for him.

Feelings don't come suddenly with time the love would develop in her she says give him a chance in your heart, give him a trial she says.

You know we have been together for years now as students of High School and I have tried my best to develop love for him but it was just impossible for me to do, no love feelings in my heart for him, I see him just like any other female friends I have on campus, no feelings at all for him she reinstated.

I understand what you have said as a woman like yourself but your father wouldn't want to accept that for this is how their custom is in the family. It's unacceptable for any of the children to turn down the person his or her father introduces him or her to, to be romantically involved with, she said.

Then mine would be different she says, new things do start from someone and I believe it will start from me, she says.

I am afraid her mother says.

Don't be, as my Mum, join me in prayers and in other ways you can so that I find happiness for myself marital wise because if I marry someone I don't love I tell you I won't have happiness there and would forever curse you my parents she said.

I will join you, but would act as if I am not supporting you because if your father knows that I am supporting you he won't take it lightly with me, this house would become hell for me she said.

I understand and would keep this to myself, Ranilo said, thanking her mother as she left her room.

There was pressure on her by her parents, especially her father, that she must start seeing the man and they should start planning their lives together. For soon I won't be responsible for your academic sponsorship again, her father said one day.

You are a lady, when your mother was in the university I was the one who was solely responsible for her academics and because our parents have sanctioned our dating there was no qualms there, as her parents could face other children.

This also I have in mind to do for you. That's why I am insisting that you get involved with him so that he will know and tell his parents ahead, by this means they will incorporate you into the budget of sponsoring your academics as they are sponsoring their own son. This is why many people who give birth to girl child usually thank their stars because they know in a short while taking care of her would be shifted to her spouse and or spouse's family members. All that matters is that the lady be accepted by the parents of the guy, it is the custom of the community and it has been helpful, helping us to get married to the right person, her father says.

Ranilo kept mute before her father as he continues

You will see that neither separation nor divorce is common among our community despite our education status. Many have been saying divorce rate is high in society now because of the educational status of families but this is not common among our community irrespective of where they are living. Can you guess the reason why this is not common among us?

Ranilo keeps looking at her feet not answering a word.

Well if you don't know it is because of this style of marriage in our community. it has been helping us in the community and hardly could you find anyone within the community regretting this means of getting married. He concluded.

I will think about what you have said sir, Ranilo says.


She Withstands the Pressure

While the pressure mounts on her and she did not know what to do about this she keeps crying daily, praying that God would intervene on her situation for she is very sure that if she gets married to Gunfe she will not live a happy life with him.

She secured admission into the university away from the village while Gunfe secures admission into the university within the community.

Gunfe still hopes Ranilo has feelings of love for him and she was just playing too hard to get like many other ladies do as he has been seeing in some movies and in some of the stories he has been reading.

He was in her house to congratulate her on her admission and told her about his too.

Her parents were happy to hear the good news and left them to have privacy together for they trusted with what they had discussed with her. She should have been having another thought about Gunfe and her future.

Gunfe asks her about "them" but she told him she is yet to be convinced about giving him her heart.

We are not getting younger he told her, by the time you get to campus and you are seeing your friends with their spouses you will brace up he says to her.

After a while with them, he left their apartment.

Two weeks after this, they left for their respective campuses.

During their orientation, Ranilo met with Xarvi, he is one of the graduate assistants employed by the management of the University. He was one of those who took them during the orientation programme in the university's Hall.

While taking them through orientation Ranilo discovers that he is a lecturer in her department and has been looking forward to associating with him. She needs someone who will take her through things on campus and she believes he would be the right person for that for undergraduate students like her who may want to take advantage of her considering that she is yet to be engaged. She doesn't want to give chances, she thought.

After taking them during the orientation programme and they settled in their respective departments, he was the one the Head of her department directs the new intakes to for instructions.

While she was with him one day he told her as he told others that when they are in darkness as per some things in the department she should not hesitate to contact him.

She appreciated him and left his place.

Since then she has been talking with him on the phone and follows him on social Media.

One day he sees her face and wasn't happy with what he saw and asks that she sees him.

He asks of what was troubling her, for he thought maybe she hasn't paid up her tuition fees because the circular has been passed that any student yet to pay up would not be allowed to sit for the forthcoming examination.

She told him that all is well with her and the trouble was with her roommates.

He prayed that they get over whatever the issue with soon.

The issue wasn't with her roommates but her parents as they have mounted pressure on her again having heard from the Gunfe that she hasn't yielded.

New Dimension to Her Love

Xarvi started monitoring her, she was also free with him.

She later got to know that Xarvi is also a Postgraduate student of the institution knowing this makes her happy.

Whenever she travels to her parents she will bring for Xarvi things from home as a form of appreciation.

Xarvi has been nursing feelings of love about her but wasn't sure if she has the same mind for him.

What about your wife or fianceé sir? She asks

"It's you I am waiting for" he replied.

"Me?" Shockingly asked

"Yes, you" he said.

"That would be a bit difficult" she replied

"Why? Are you engaged?" He asks

"No, I am not" she replied.

"If you are not then what's the difficulty there?" He asks

"It's a complicated matter sir and you won't understand"

"Make me understand," he says "or don't you like me?"

"I like you but to make you understand I don't know how" she replied

"Try now"

"Not now sir. Later we shall talk about this" she replied

"That's a promise"

"Yes it is" she replied smiling

"Okay" he responded

That's how the barrier of him presenting his feelings to her was broken.

They met sometimes after and she discussed with him everything about her condition, she wouldn't know how he could love her.

If you can agree to be mine, then we shall work out things together he said.

Their romantic relationship keeps growing without her parents' knowledge.

Her father started mounting pressure on her about Gunfe but she wasn't bulged. Later they stopped sending things to her on campus while this happened, her spouse fills in the gap for her.

That was how she continued until she graduated from the University.

After her graduation she secured employment with a company and started working.

Her parents afterwards agreed that she brings to them the person she loves to marry and she took Xarvi to them.

They got married and are happily living.


Old Age Illnesses

Her parents have grown old and her father is suffering from one of the old age illnesses, he needs money to take care of himself and has contacted his children.

When the message got to Ranilo she says she won't send him a dime her husband asks why and she replied that the love she has for him has been transferred to him when he stopped attending to her needs on campus since then she has vowed that she will also not be there for him in the future.

Her spouse, Xarvi told her that paying evil for evil is not good and should have forgotten that.

She told him assuming she has dropped out of school then for that was what he had in mind, would she have been at where she is today? And if she hasn't been at this position she is damn sure that he won't contact her for assistance.

You should know that God allows for some things to happen to bring about another thing, he replied.

I know…

If what happened hasn't happened maybe you wouldn't have agreed to my proposal he says

I have always admired and loved you, before you proposed to me. Assuming people of our community don't frown at ladies proposing to guys I would have proposed to you the first day we were together because I have loved you for long. But people see ladies who first made advances of love to a male partner as being promiscuous. That was what handcuffed me from being the first one to make the move she said.

Okay. You have said that before, I understand and appreciate you for that. As a person whom you really love, please put this behind you.

Okay my rare Gem, you know I will always do whatever you say. What do you want us to do for him now?

Let's send money to him as he requested and tomorrow we shall visit him to see if there are other ways we could be of help to him.

Okay darling send it.

No, you will send it through your account later I will transfer mine…

They sent money to him and he called that he has been alerted, praying for her and her family…

(The End)


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