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Tower of Babylon: A Climb to the Top of the World to Mine Heaven

Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang

I’m in between books and like usual I decided to resort to short stories again. I picked a tale from the 8th Edition of Years Best Scifi. And this time around, the tale is The Tower of Babylon by Ted Chiang. So here is my review

The story follow Hillalum and his troops of miners. They have taken on a very interesting job. They will climb the great tower of Babylon and at the top of the tower they are the mine the treasures from the vault of heaven. The story follows their travels during their climb and what Hillalum ultimately finds as he begins to tear apart the sky above them.

The good? It’s a unique interesting tale. It follows their struggles and fascination as they climbed to the top of the world. It has a lot of little moments that made the cast likable and relatable. And it’s just nice to follow these characters. Also there is a twist at the end which is quite clever.

The bad? There’s nothing necessarily bad about this story. But it is very average. This story could have did a lot more, but it didn’t.

Overall, this story is an average tale with an interesting setting and a good twist ending. It is enjoyable but not amazing by any means. If you stumble across it, feel free to give it a read. But it’s not really worth seeking out.

Overall Rating: A Climb to the Top of the World to Mine Heaven

3 Smoothies out of Five

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