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Touching heart


A beautiful girl enters that empty mind

It had been only a few months since I reached the tenth grade. I passed the class with good marks. There was not much load to read. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. While studying at school level, I did not make notes on any subject. It's not that some heads slapped a few times. But it was also very easy to find the habit inherited from childhood! My spelling was a bit weird. So sometimes the bosses used to joke that your letter "A" is missing. On the other hand, I did not listen.
Four or five months had passed in the tenth grade. My mind was focused only on reading. A beautiful girl enters that empty mind. I was attracted to her because she had friends. They associated her name with mine, and I was. I was happy to see her. My heart was pounding when I spoke to her, my lips calmed down and my knees began to swell. Her frame charm made me very weak. But when I talk to other girls, I don't think so. But her experience is different. There was a long line of people like me who stumbled. Some even used nicknames after her. Like everyone else, I was fascinated by her.
Now even my own friends were harassing me. At times like this, even if others bother me, it looks fun. When I added her name to it, I thought I was okay too? I was overwhelmed by such things. Now I was enjoying going to school. I always sat around her. The day she didn't come to school, I felt dizzy. That day my mind was filled with black clouds. Even on a rainy day, I feel dark. She lived and enjoyed the world of imagination.
When I heard some idiots talking about her as a subject, I felt like blowing my head off. But I ignored them for fear of being beaten. Some people were happy to hear her praise. Suppose it is owned by someone.
Praise, she sang very well. Her voice was like that of a coyote. In front of me, her voice sounded like a vessel to me. As soon as I sing her song, my mind starts dancing like a chiropractor. For some reason, she began to feel good about me. But I do not have the courage to say all these things. I was not brave then.
I didn't have time for the juice of love. Similarly, the second quarter examination of the school had also started. I arrived at school in the morning on the first day of the exam. At the same time, someone came to my place and informed me that she was also in my room. I was disappointed. Without a word, I was on the left and she was on the right. Our great poet used to smoke and use a pen, but I looked at her and started using a pen. The exam is over. Later the result was good.
When she found out I was attracted to her, the story became even more interesting. Who don't want to write love stories for her and I create new stories every day. But its publicity was an advantage, not a loss.
The SLC is considered an iron gate. The exam was also approaching. At school we went to tuition in the afternoon. I can't go home before six o'clock. Similarly, one day, the head teacher of an 'alternative monastery' did not come. We friends joined the conversation on this occasion. Similarly with friends I met her at TT and I saw her talking near the board. My mind was racing. Today, the volcano was about to erupt. Thinking that I would tell her everything today, I contacted her. I called her. Her words covered my heart. It's just a matter of reading and writing. She praised my ability. I was still happy. My mind, flying in the air, now begins to dance in heaven. I was thinking, now let's talk about the victim. Similarly, my son's son, he approached, grabbed her pulse and took her home. She stepped back and stopped calling me 'Bye'. I became stable.