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heeeeey people! I am new to this whole thing and hope ill be able to do well :)

Touch by: Sabrina Shortcakes


By: Sabrina Shortcakes

(Written in: Cape Town, South Africa)

As I lay and touch you, I can’t help but understand what you’ve been through. The touch of your skin is as stiff as a solid object. The cuts of abuse only show the sharpness of the knife that cut through the tender shell that holds your body.

You shake as I begin to hold onto you. The stress you feel has not yet dissipated into the cold air surrounding us. You feel ashamed by your thought of mistake. The change was not too late.

Your hair is messy like uncut grass in the old valleys that extend further than our beliefs. They are like your thoughts, all over the place. As I see the scar across your eye, you tell me the story of the crackling fire that blew into your face. You pushed your father too much and in return, he burnt you.

And as you feel my feet you seem to be filled with jealousy. You say I’m pure and clean while you are a creation of lust and greed. I don’t agree

The touch of your fingers become soft and tender as you relax from the anger of which you held yourself in. the cage that you thought was locked was ready to set you free.

Your fragile bones poke through your skin. The hunger you felt from within. You say that you wanted to look good but never thought it is something you’d regret.

The touch of your lips is something unforgettable, though the cut in the middle was not remarkable. You tried to sew your mouth shut, but the pain was too much and so you stopped. I can only be thankful for that because your voice touches the deepest part of my heart.

Your ears feel the sound of the whisper as I tell you that everything is going to be alright.

We were young and I never saw what you had been through.

As the sounds of the ambulance sirens continued to touch us with the feeling of fear, I clutch onto you, holding you tight, telling you to not leave me.

As your drunken up father laid on the ground, never asking for forgiveness. He drifted away to a world I could only imagine would be hell.

You got loaded onto the stretcher that led you into the truck. You said that you would not leave and that you would be with me forever.

And as I stand over your casket looking down at your now closed eyes. I can only remember the touch of your last breath between you and I.

©Sabrina Shortcakes 2020

© 2020 Sabrina Shortcakes


Hertha David from Windhoek, Namibia on September 20, 2020:

Wow... This article or narrative poem has so much meaning. It's amazing how you use your literature elements and or techniques. It's makes the story more understandable.

It's a good write with an honest look of what really goes on when in pain, and loosing something and also how we see ourselves.

Good write Sabrina and welcome to Hubpages.

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