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Bedtime Stories- Five Great Stories for Kids from Panchtantra

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love cuddling with great bedtime stories

love cuddling with great bedtime stories

Bedtime Stories- Helpful in Parent and Child Bonding

Bedtime stories are a way of oral narration of the interesting short stories to children. They are a great mean of bonding between the parent and child.

Sitting close to your child while tucking them into bed and their curiosity to hear a story definitely impresses and infuses a feeling of being loved and cared for.

Hearing to bedtime stories have a soothing effect on child's mind to let him have a peaceful sleep too.


Panchtantra Stories

Panchtantra is a collection of stories written by an ancient Indian writer named Vishnu Sharma. Most of the stories are fables which are as old as 3rd Century BC. They are ancient but their essence is still fresh and vibrant.

Panchtantra Literally means 'five devices'- devices to live a wise worldly life.The stories are divided into five parts containing a main frame story and then leading to various other interwoven stories to be followed.

All the stories are devices- to teach moral lessons to the readers through birds and animal characters.

There are more than sixty stories in five parts of Panchtantra. Some are shorter and some are a bit longer. In this article best of the shorter stories are included for the enjoyment of children.

 The Jackal examining the Drum

The Jackal examining the Drum

Story - The Jackal and the Drum

One day, a jackal was very hungry and was searching for food. While wandering he came out of the jungle and reached a deserted battlefield.

There he saw a drum lying near a tree. Curious enough he came closer to observe it.

At the same time a strong gust of wind blew rubbing the branches of nearby tree against the drum. This made a strange loud noise.

Hearing the strange sound he got very frightened and thought of running away at once.

But at the second thought he decided not to run away but to examine the source of the noise.

He gathered the courage to move cautiously towards the drum. While coming closer to the drum he realized that it was only the wind causing all the noise.

Suddenly he saw some food near the drum being left by the soldiers. He ate to his full and satisfied his hunger.

Moral of the Story-
Only the Brave Succeed in Life.

Foolish Lion and the clever Rabbit

Foolish Lion and the clever Rabbit

The Lion and the Rabbit

Once upon a time there lived a cruel lion who thought himself to be the King of the jungle. Everyday he killed a lot of poor animals to satisfy his hunger and all the animals were terrified of him.

One day he announced that if an animal himself came to him as his meal everyday, he would not kill other animals. So all the animals kept coming to him in turn to be served as his meal and got killed.

This time it was the turn of a rabbit. The rabbit was frightened. As he was going to the lion’s den, he came across an old well. He peeped into the deeps of the well.

At once he got an idea and deliberately took a little longer to reach the lion. The lion was very angry. He asked the reason for being late. The rabbit acted wisely and said, “Sir! I was stopped by another lion, who was claiming to be the king of the jungle. The angered lion roared and asked, “Do you know where he lives?” The rabbit replied, “Yes, Sir. Please come with me”.

The rabbit took the lion to the old well. He said “Sir, that lion lives in this well”. The lion peeped into the well. He mistook his own reflection for another lion. He roared and there was an echo. He thought that the other lion was roaring too and jumped into the well. The lion got killed and all the animals of the jungle were very happy.

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Moral of the Story-

Wisdom can win the might.

The Lion and the Rabbit

The Foolish Monkey with a Sword.

The Foolish Monkey with a Sword.

The King and the Foolish Monkey

Once there was a king and he had a pet monkey.

This monkey was treated in a royal manner and had the freedom of moving around in palace as well as the secret chambers of the King.

One day in the afternoon the king was sleeping while the monkey was sitting nearby.
All of a sudden, a fly came and sat on the king's nose.

The monkey swayed the fly away but she kept coming back and sat on the King's chest.
Angrily the foolish monkey started chasing the fly with a sword. As the fly sat on the king's chest again the monkey hit her with the sword. The fly flew away but the king was wounded badly.

Moral of the Story-
Beware of Foolish Friends. They can cause you more harm than your enemy.

Nasty Bug

Nasty Bug

The Bug and the Flea

Once there was a flea who lived lavishly in the folds of smooth silk sheets of the bed of a king.

She fed on the king's blood without anybody noticing, and was happy to spend her days.

One day, a bug entered the beautiful bedroom of the king. When the flea saw him, she warned him to leave at once as he has come to the wrong place.

The bug replied, "Madam, even if I were a good-for-nothing bug, that is no way to treat a guest. One should welcome a guest with humble words, sweet behavior and offer refreshments"

The bug continued, "I have fed myself with all types of blood, but never have I had the pleasure of the blood of a king. It must be very sweet, for the king eats the choicest of food. I would love to taste the king's blood, if you permit."

The flea was taken aback, "O Bug, you have a nasty bite, like a sharp needle. Besides, I feed on the king's blood only when he is deep into his sleep. I can permit you to feed on the king's blood only if you promise to wait till he is asleep."

The bug agreed, "I promise to wait till the king is asleep, and only after you have fed yourself, will I feed myself on his blood."

Soon after they decided on such terms, the king came to his bedroom and lay down to sleep.
The bug could not control himself, and decided to take a tiny bite of the king, without waiting. As the king was yet to fall asleep, he jumped at the sharp bite of the bug.

The king shouted loudly and raised the alarm. The bug quickly hid himself in a corner of the bed. The servants scrutinized the entire bed, sheet by sheet, and found the flea between the folds. In this manner the poor flea got killed because of the bug.

Moral of the story:
Don't trust the strangers. Lest you have to pay for it.

Four Friends- the crow, the deer, the mouse and the turtle.

Four Friends- the crow, the deer, the mouse and the turtle.

Four Friends And A Hunter

Once there in a jungle lived a turtle, a deer, a crow and a rat who were great friends.

One day the deer got caught by a hunter. On seeing this other friends made a plan to save the deer.

The deer stared acting as if in pain and finally being killed with it's eyes wide open.The crow and the other birds then sat on the deer and started poking it as they do to a dead animal.

The turtle tried to distract the hunter by crossing before him. The hunter assuming the deer to be dead chased after the turtle. Meanwhile, the rat chewed and cut open the net to free the deer. The crow picked up the turtle and quickly flew away from the hunter.

Moral of the Story:

Teamwork can achieve great results and A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Great Moral Teaching

Each story ends up with a great moral lesson:

The Jackal and the Drum teaches to be brave and wise to succeed in life.

The Lion and the Rabbit again emphasizes to use the brain to fight against might.

The Bug and Poor Flea tells us not to believe on the false promises of strangers.

Four friends and Hunter is gives us the lesson of being great friends and helping each other while in need.

King and the foolish Monkey tells us to stay away from foolish friends.

These stories while embedded with some great moral teaching can be one of the best method to impart good values into children.

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