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Top 5 Free Content Writing Tools For Beginners!

Today I will give you complete information about the top 5 Content Writing Tools to help you improve the quality of your articles and blogs.



It is so important that we are clear and concise with our communication. Today I’m not actually going to focus on our verbal communication but our written communication. And I’m not talking about short pieces of text like email or text messaging.

Today, I want to look at some longer forms of communication, things like a blog article or maybe a report that you need to write, or perhaps it’s even just some content that you post on your website.

There’s a vast audience out there. Millions of unknown readers may stumble across your article or stumble across your website. You have to make sure that whatever you’re writing is easy for your audience to digest.

Today, I want to give you complete information about the top 5 Content Writing Tools that will help you improve your articles and blogs:

1. Hemingway App

The first tool is the readability tool, and it is the Hemingway App editor. This tool makes your writing bold and clear. It highlights all the lengthy, complex sentences and common errors in your write-up. Our write-up is basically our thought process. And it is often organized. This tool increases the readability score of your write-up. It makes it easy to understand. This application can improve your writing skill by finding four basic writing mistakes:

  • Adverbs
  • Passive voice
  • Complicated words & phrases
  • Long, hard read sentences

2. Grammarly

The second tool is the grammar tool, and it is called By using this tool, you can correct your all grammar mistakes. And I am very sure that you already know about this tool. I highly recommend that you should download the plugin of this tool on your Google extension. It will show you the grammar mistakes of your write-up whenever you write in WordPress, Google, or Ms-Word. And it will also give you suggestions on how to correct them. This application can improve your writing skill by giving you tips related to the:

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  • Correctness of the Article
  • Clarity of the Article
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Grammar Mistakes

3. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

The third tool is used to make unique and engaging titles and headlines. And it is called the Head Analyzer by CoSchedule. You can use this tool to make click-worthy titles and headlines. Due to which your posts or articles will get good traffic. Well, this tool came in both free versions and paid versions. In the free version, you can access and view: word balance report, word count and character count report, and reading grade level report, sentiment analysis report, and clarity check, but in the premium version, the only additional metrics you will find are suggestions and SEO score reports. SEO report is something valuable, and for this, you can go for the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer premium version.


4. Quetext

The fourth magical tool is used for checking plagiarism, and it is This tool is one of the best tools in the case of checking plagiarism. This tool tells you that how much percent of your article is Unique and Plagiarized. There are many other tools on the internet for checking plagiarism. But, I don’t suggest them because they do not correctly check the plagiarism of your article. Quetext comes with the following features:

  • DeepSearch™ technology
  • Citation assistant
  • ColorGrade™ Feedback

5. Answer The Public

The fifth tool lets you know what people are searching on google related to your topic. It is called Answer the It will help you to make a fantastic SEO-Friendly article by giving you different valuable ideas. Answer the Public is a web-based tool, so there’s no software to install; it scrapes and collects Google’s auto-suggestions for any seed keyword or phrase. Making great content is very difficult. Making a blog that really creates search traffic is much more troublesome. That is why you need to utilize SEO strategies like keyword research to think of better content ideas to increase your search engine traffic. For keyword research, there are many tools on the internet. But there are only a few tools that offer highly unique and amazing features. One of them is “Answer the Public”.



If you want to become a professional content writer, I would highly suggest using these five unique tools. These tools will make your write-up SEO-Friendly and trending; that’s why I recommend these tools.

© 2021 Mannan Ul Haq

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