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Top 10 funny webcomics / cartoons I know. Funny webcomics. Webcomic list.

The top ten in my opinion and in no particular order.

What better way to start the day than a good laugh! Seriously though, there are so many funny things out there its mind boggling how any of us can go 5 minutes without laughing.

The first thing I do when I get up is turn on my PC. Yes, it's a little bit sad; but that's me! Then I sit down, crank up Google Chrome and check all my bookmarked webcomics to see if they have updated while I was asleep. Chances are at least one of them has, and I start the day with a grin.

So here we have it: My top 10 favorite webcomics in no particular order, and a little bit about each of them!


A webcomic of romance,
sarcasm, math, and language.

That's exactly what this is! Be warned though, many of the jokes require an understanding of a particular field such as; physics, programming or another science. The name xkcd is a good indication of the type of humour you're likely to encounter. It doesn't actually stand for anything. The author; Randall Munroe chose it specifically because it is a word with no phonetic pronunciation.

Randall has a degree in physics and used to work in the field of robotics for NASA. As a result, most of his jokes are highly scientific. This is countered by his seemingly sarcastic, observational personality.

As if the comics / cartoons weren't funny enough as it is, when you mouse over them there is an additional punchline. Sometimes reading this will help you to understand the joke if you didn't get it straight away.

You can learn more about xkcd, or view the latest comics here.

Here is a taste; but there is so much more!


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

SMBC by Zach Weiner, is really good at pointing out flaws in society and human behaviour. Its pretty similar to xkcd in that a good portion of its jokes are pretty geeky. It does have a larger potential audience though. The comics are full drawn with colour as apposed to the simplistic black and while stick figure style of xkcd. It does however share a similar function to the mouse over text though; in the form of a little red button just to the left below each cartoon. When you mouse over it, a final frame pops up providing a further punchline.



28 Pancakes Later

Again, we see an extra mouse over punchline. Seems like we have a good trend going hey?

The sole aim of the author; Jared McCarter seems to be to confuse people, and I have to say; it does just that. Its a real "lolwut" or "wtf" kind of humour. Some of the punch lines are pretty unexpected and bring about a surprised smile.

The drawing style is similar to the popular Cyanide and Happiness cartoons.

You can check out more about 28PL here.

These pancakes taste pretty good to me


Cyanide and Happiness

I'll be pretty surprised if you haven't heard of this one before. Its all over the place. Chances are you've seen it without even knowing it. These cartoons are often violent and can include some course language, so M15+ for safety.

If you don't laugh at most of the stuff produced by C&H; your humour must be so dull I wonder why your even reading this. Perhaps you are studying humour to figure out what's so funny about it? You tell me!

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The punchline for almost every comic, cartoon or animated short (yes that's right! They make videos too.) is based upon the unexpected, or an exaggeration of cause and effect (What happens to you if you eat nails for example). Just when you think nothing has happened, something takes you off guard so badly that you find it funny, even if distasteful.

There is a reason they mention cyanide in the name


Animated Shorts!


Foxtrot is a full colour, full bodied comic strip by Bill Amend. Bill describes his humour as geeky for the most part, but strays to observational exaggeration as well. The comics are all based around the Fox family including; Mum, Dad, the obnoxious teenage guy, miserable teen girl and the young brother who is way too smart for his own good. The Pet iguana Quincy makes an appearance from time to time as well.

Its a good little strip about family life and the first one I've mentioned so far which sticks to a specific setting and characters.

I'm running out of title ideas


A terrible Mind

Made up of full bodied cartoons, sometimes in colour sometimes not. A terrible mind is an accurate description of itself. Most of the cartoons come from the musings of its mystical author, unknown to me. Sometime they are pretty deep, sometimes a little silly. Either way they always include either some quip about society or a pedantic observation. I'd say its probably an aquired taste for most people. A bit like coffee in comic form.

Check it out.


1.00 FTE

These short cartoons by "Stuart" are all based on corporate life. You don't have to have an understanding or personal experience with office/business life to understand them; but it would certainly help increase the humour. It is in a way, a series of inside jokes.

All the work here is observational. Some are meant to be funny as a result and others insightful as well.

They are simply drawn but they pack a punch. I would definitely recommend them.

Check it out.


A Perfect World

Its really an observation of the exact opposite in reality.

This is a massive archive of witty one-liners by Linda Causey tagged on to single frame cartoons. Some of them will probably pass over your head if they lack the explanatory text, but in most cases they are weird enough to be funny anyway.

Maybe someday we will live in a perfect world.


Dinosaur Comics

Usually featuring T-Rex and Utahraptor as the main characters; the simple fact that they are talking dinosaurs is funny enough.

The focus is usually intellectual, so these comic strips are not for everyone. They are also pretty big compared to most comedic comics, featuring more conversation between characters. 

Its crudely put together using basic images I know I have seen somewhere before in a drawing program, but its the text that really matters in these ones.

You can learn more about the comics here and more about the Author Ryan North here.

They are big, so here is ONE example


But wait! That's only 9 webcomics!

Yer I know I lied to you. So what? Its your job to add the 10th. Drop a line in the comments linking a good one I might have missed. The more the merrier! If you need a hand finding something new; here is a massive database of online comics.

The Webcomic List

Whats your favourite Webcomic?

GalaxyRat on June 01, 2017:

Check out Peanuts on BuzzFeed!

Diana on April 09, 2012:

Check out Webdonuts as well. Pretty funny webcomic.


Stuart (of 1.00 FTE) on January 27, 2011:

Thanks for including 1.00 FTE in your top 10 ... er ... 9. :)

You've already included my all time fav (xkcd). I even did a 1.00 FTE/XKCD fan comic the other day, just for fun ->

There was also a South African comic called Western Nostril that I found hilarious but sadly it's not being updated anymore.

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