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Top 10 X-Men


The X-Men in all their glory

The X-Men in all their glory

My Xcellent Childhood

As a child I was always fascinated with comic books. I had heaps of them all over my room. Of all the comics I had managed to collect in my youth the one that always seemed to catch my attention to the fullest was the X-Men. I was a fan boy for sure. I can even remember sitting in front of the TV set on Saturday mornings watching Fox Kids in eager anticipation of X-Men the animated series.

The X-Men, and all mutants for that matter, I would learn were not actually the genius creations of comic book mastermind Stan Lee, but more or less his lazy way of getting out of creating origins for such cool super powers. Despite this knowledge I would still follow the mutant comics with a firm passion. X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, and even in smaller doses the Excalibur series would all become part of my to read list as a child. I was totally into the X-Men concept. It was this love of mutated super beings that led me in part to sit down and pen out the top 10 X-Men. Of course this is merely my list and may not necessarily affect how you view the classic Marvel characters at all.

The Beast

Beast from the cover of X-Men 1

Beast from the cover of X-Men 1

10. Beast

Real Name- Henry Phillip (Hank) McCoy

First Appearance- Uncanny X-Men 1

Beast was one of the founding members of the super hero team known as X-Men. While often associated with his exterior which happens to be furry and blue Beast did not always look like that. After trying to correct his mutant self through test Beast becomes the blue creature we all love and cherish. His mutant powers are heightened strength and agility.

Beast is the two edged sword of the X-Men. He is super strong but at the same time super smart. He is the team's medical adviser as well as a teacher at Professor X's school for gifted youngsters. Beast made his big screen appearance being played by Kelsey Gramer and the rest is history folks. Despite having been meant really as a role player in the series Beast has gained a fan following and even left the eyes of the X-Men on occasion to be a part of the highly popular Avengers super team.

Iceman in action

9. Iceman

Real Name- Robert "Bobby" Drake

First Appearance- Uncanny X-Men 1

It may shock fans of the movie series to learn Iceman was actually one of the original X-Men. He was not the sleek star we know today but more or less a snowman type character. His mutant ability to control and manipulate ice is one of the most memorable one for me as a fan of the comics. I can recall seeing Iceman slide his way into Spiderman comics from time to time. Iceman was always a favorite in my household, namely because he was my dad's favorite super hero.

The X-Men comics really ignited the character with the adding of Pyro to the list of mutant baddies who would often terrorise the X-Men. Pyro and Iceman were complete opposites so it made for really interesting battles. What always made me interested in Iceman is he really never got pegged into the mutant stereotype in which a lot of characters find themselves. he could come and go in other comic series and it would never really seem all that out of place.


Storm is a woman of class, and she can beat you up to boot.

Storm is a woman of class, and she can beat you up to boot.


Real Name- Ororo Monroe

First Appearance- Giant Sized X-Men 1

Storm has the keen power of manipulating the weather. How cool is that? Storm has been one of the major players in the X-Men series and was featured in the highly popular movie series having been played by Halle Berry. Storm has been leader of the X-Men and even served as leader of the rival Morlocks from time to time. She has seen some of the most unique costume changes in the entire series including a punk rock look that included a mohawk.

The strangest part of Storm's persona is she is actually claustrophobic which makes for some very interesting plot twist and story concepts here and there.


Rogue remains a favorite among the ranks of the X-Men

Rogue remains a favorite among the ranks of the X-Men

X-Men on Film

7. Rogue

Real Name- Anna Marie

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First Appearance- Avengers Annual 10

Rogue began her career as a villain which shocks a lot of X-Men fans. Her mutant power is the ability to absorb the powers of other mutants and use them for a brief time. It is often thought her mutant ability includes super strength and flying but this is not the case. Those abilities were gained after she permanently absorbed the powers of Ms. Marvel.

This was what led her to reform and become a member of the X-Men. Rogue has had a very strange existence to say the least. As a child she was adopted by Mystique and raised to be a part of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Even though she tends to be a very unintimate character she does have her flare for on again off again relationship woes with fellow X-Men Gambit.

Sadly most newer fans know the Rogue character from the X-Men films and may be surprised to learn that just like several other characters including Iceman, the films have distorted some of the facts that were created in the comic book series, and Rogue definitely was altered quite a bit in the films.


The yoinger brother of Cyclops is just as powerful.

The yoinger brother of Cyclops is just as powerful.

6. Havok

Real Name- Alex Summers

First Appearance- Uncanny X-Men 55

Havok is actually Cyclops' younger and much more dangerous brother. His mutant ability is to project plasma rings. These rings can deal serious damage and cause mass devastation. I have to say as far as costumes go the early years for Havok were terrible with black spandex but in recent years he has adapted more of a biker mystique about him.

Havok is often regarded as the leader of the X-Factor, a team that is made up of mutants not to unlike the X-Men. Havok has always struggled to impress not only his fellow X-Factor colleagues but his older brother, who is one of the most renown members of the X-Men super team.


Magneto is the true definitive X-Men bad guy.

Magneto is the true definitive X-Men bad guy.


5. Magneto

Real name- Max Eisenhardt or Eric Eisenhardt

First Appearance- X-Men 1

No villain, or character for that matter has ever impacted the X-Men quite like Magneto. His ability to control and manipulate magnetism makes him quite possibly one of the most dangerous foes in the Marvel Universe. Magneto has one of the most pivotal back stories in the series. he was a victim of Nazi Germany and that led him to really develop a hatred for what "man" could do. His war to see mutants treated as they should be wages all over and under him some of Marvel's greatest mutants have developed a name for themselves.

Magneto has been featured in all of the X-Men films and is one of the most recognised characters of the franchise.

What truly makes Magneto so unique is in the end he became an X-man. In many ways what he was doing may have seemed wrong but to him and based on the struggles he knew in his life they were the only means to get the results he desired. It is really an awkward way of looking at things but at the same time it was a very keen and interesting way to work the character into the stories.


The X-Men field leader Cyclops is a worthy opponent.

The X-Men field leader Cyclops is a worthy opponent.

Cyclops in Action

4. Cyclops

Real Name- Scott Summers

First Appearance- Uncanny X-Men 1

Cyclops is one of the widely loved characters to adorn the pages of the X-Men comic book series and proved to be a stand out in the X-Men movie franchise. Cyclops has the ability to fire a beam of energy from his eyes. The real catch is he has to wear a protective visor to keep the energy from being released all the time. Cyclops is often called the field commander or leader of the X-Men and is trusted heavily by Professor X to make the right decisions at the right times.

Cyclops added to the Marvel Universe trend of love stories in it's comics with his romantic relationship to fellow X-Men hero Jean Grey. The love affair would become a very keen and important part of the X-Men storyline even giving birth to futuristic mutant Cable.

Cyclops has battled with many foes over the years but always seems to have an inner struggle going on within himself. This struggle really hit the fan during the Dark Phoenix era of the X-Men and continued on through countless stories and twists. While being a very combative member of the team Cyclops tends to reflect a more nerdy side of super heroes that is not often seen. It is always a cool thing to read the rivalry between Cyclops and Wolverine or the way he often seems to struggle at the leadership role when faced with certain situations. It seems that in many ways Storm and Cyclops both kind of act as one leader, even though they head up separate X-Men teams.

Professor X

The founder and leader of the X-Men

The founder and leader of the X-Men

3. Professor X

Real Name- Charles Xavier

First Appearance- X-Men 1

The devoted and highly dedicated leader and founder of the X-Men! His mutant ability is telepathy and to say he uses it with ease would be a gross understatement. His primary goal and the reasoning behind the creation of the X-Men was to get humans and mutants living together in harmony without prejudice. The key to his recruitment of like minded mutants is his school known as The Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters. Through this school he teaches and trains mutants to act only when needed.

One of the strongest features of the X-Men founder is the fact he is confined to a wheelchair. This is something even by today's standards you just do not see all that often and it really gave a lot of people suffering disabilities some hope and a character they could relate to.


Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise.

Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise.


2. Wolverine

Real Name- Logan

First Appearance- Incredible Hulk 180

Wolverine has gained so much popularity that he has been featured in not only all of the X-Men films but also given his own series of films to boot! The character is one of the most unique in the Marvel world and really stands out. His mutant power is the ability to heal super fast and super human senses. The healing ability allowed a rare and strong metal known as adamantium to be pumped through his body lacing his bones and making him nearly indestructible.

The Wolverine relies on three claws that extend from his hands at his command to inflict amazing damage to his foes, but it is his wit that seems to inflict the most brutal of scars.

Over the years Wolverine has not only found popularity with X-Men readers but been featured in numerous other books including countless battles with The Punisher.

I always found it unique that he could live for so long and stay so active and young looking. The character is one of those ones that is timeless in both story and reality.

Wolverine is considered by many to be the stand out star of the X-Men which is saying a lot when one looks at the characters who have derived from those comic books over the years.


My all time favorite X-Man!!!

My all time favorite X-Man!!!

1. Gambit

Real Name- Remy Etienne LeBeau

First Appearance- Uncanny X-Men Annual 14

I know right now a lot of my readers are scratching their heads at my choice for the number one position. I can't help it. I love Gambit. His mutant power is to charge items with kinetic energy and then throw them at his foes. This trick is entirely made cooler by the fact his weapon of choose is a playing card. Gambit is one of those characters you just have to pay attention to. His thick creole accent or the sly way he tries to woo the love of fellow X-Man Rogue makes for a really versatile character.

I also like how his beginnings were not all that friendly. He was a thief and a card shark who turned his life around to help follow Xavier's dream of a world were mutants and humans could coexist.

Gambit was given a small role in the Wolverine film franchise but fans are really anxious to see more. I always enjoyed the character on the animated series. He seemed to really bring a lot of the stories out into the open and had a flare for epic battles.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 04, 2015:

i like storm, she is cool and powerful.

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on May 25, 2014:

Never was a fan I am afraid.

Laura Smith from Pittsburgh, PA on May 24, 2014:

This is a pretty good list. I grew up in the Fox Kids era as well so I learned a lot about the X-Men through the animated series.

khadeemhughson on May 24, 2014:

Nice hub, but where's Jean Grey, Mystique, Juggernaut?

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