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Top 10 Webtoon Recommendations

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Do you know what is webtoon? Webtoon stands for web cartoon. The name might suggests that it's some kind of internet animation but don't be mistaken! It is not.

Webtoon is similar to Korean manga or manhwa which means manga in Korean language. But it is different from Japanese manga! Why? First of all, it's colored. Sometimes, music is included to accompany you reading! So yeah, basically Korean manga, not to mention the founder is Korean as well.

If you want to know more about the difference between manga and manhwa, you can check it out here:

  • Manhwa vs Manga
    Manga has been around for so long in the comic industry but Manhwa is slowly gaining recognition as well. Which one do you prefer?

Wait, so why put webtoon in the title instead of manhwa? Of course, there is a reason to it. You see, it's not manhwa because not all of the webtoon I listed here is made by Koreans. A lot of people from other countries can make comics as well. I suggest you to read it! Who knows, you might like it, right? You can find these webtoon I listed on an app called Webtoon. Like I've stated above, it's founded by Naver Corporation - a Korean company. Hence the reason why the comics on the app is so similar to manhwa.

If you love drawing, you can submit your own comic as well. You won't be paid though. If lots of people like your comics however, your webtoon will be official. If you made it to the official, you will be paid! Though you are required to update once or even more per week. Aside from that, webtoon can have their own soundtracks. Imagine when you are reading a comic and there's a music that suits the story. It will make you feel more emotional, right? Usually, the one who makes the music is Kenny on the English version of Webtoon app. Be sure to check out his music by the way.

Now, let's get onto the webtoon recommendations list, shall we?

1. Where Tangents Meet

Opposites attract. Have you heard that phrase before? It's done in various romance stories but there's a reason that the trope is used numerous times. We just can't get enough. Landon is a cold high school student while Rachelle is the quirky, bubbly girl. What happens when the two meet? The story is sweet and to top it off, wonderful soundtracks by none other than Kenny! I mean, let's start the list with something light and sweet, right?

2. My Prewedding

As much as we love dating, you want a guy who gives you certainty right off the bat right? Okay, it can be creepy I guess. But at least you know he is not playing games. There's no game - just love. That's exactly what Adimas did to Adelia. He proposed to her out of the blue. Oh, and by the way, he is handsome. Why did he propose to her so suddenly though? Handsome or not, it sounds suspicious but you will have to find out yourself what happened. This webtoon is hilarious and tells the struggle of pre-wedding days. You know, there will always be things interfering or things not going as planned. You won't find this on Webtoon english section but you can find this on fan translation section on webtoon app. It's by Indonesian webtoonist, Anissa Nisfihani. There's a sequel to this webtoon called Pasutri Gaje if you are interested about their new life together.

3. Winter Moon

What's a better combination than a gay man and a gold digger? Set in RPG styled world, this webtoon tells the tale of two game players - a money-obsessed priestess and a powerful, gay sorcerer. If you are guessing that this is the love story between the two? You're greatly mistaken! I mean, a story doesn't always have to involve romance right?It's hilarious watching the two trying to defeat each other. They are enemies, after all. You can read it on the webtoon app. It's by R. Merryweather or MAYUI. The artwork is amazing as well as you can see above!

4. I Love Yoo

Isn't it supposed to be 'I love you' instead of I love yoo? Is it a typo? Nope, it is not. Yoo is the main character's name. By looking at the title, you must've guessed that this is romance, right? Well, it is but if you have had enough of cheesy romance, you should read this!

Wait, with a title like this shouldn't how do I know that the story isn't full of lovey dovey stuff? Trust me, it's not. But before we get to that, let's me tell you how the story goes, okay? So, the plot goes a little something like this. An ordinary high school girl encounters a rich guy and one thing leads to another. Okay, it sounds cliche but no. If a cliche is done in a different way, it will be different and that's what Quimchee (author of I Love Yoo) did! Shin-Ae, the MC, is not the usual type of girl you'd see in romance stories. She is realistic and loves food more than anything. I'm sure everyone can relate to her. She doesn't put up with anyone's nonsense. You'll get what I mean if you read it!

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5. Siren's Lament

Who knows what's a siren? Siren is a mythological creature from Greek mythology known for their beautiful voice. In the myth, it is said that sirens use their voice to lure sailors so the ship crashes. In Siren's Lament, it's a little different. It's a story about a girl named Lyra. Heartbroken by an unrequited love, she went to the sea and turned into a siren after meeting one - another fellow siren called Ian. You see, in this webtoon, siren is a heartbroken human who turns into siren. They live under the sea with the form of something similar to a mermaid. Interested to see how this plot goes? Go check it out on webtoon by instantmiso. The artwork is simply beautiful and the plot is awesome. You will not regret it! By the way, it's the same creator as Where Tangents Meet.

6. Adventures of God

Adventures of God is a satire I guess. It's a webtoon involving God, Jesus, Gabriel and Lucifer or Lucy for short. The webtoon is done in humorous way, bringing up various topics from problems in life to heaven and hell matter. Looking for a good laugh? Visit webtoon and read Adventures of God by Matteo or Corey.

7. Flawless

Flawless is a webtoon by Indonesian webtoonist, Shinshinhye. It's one of my favorites since I like intelligent boy character. That aside, the plot is great and the characters development is wonderful. I learned lots of lessons from this webtoon as well. Plus, the art is amazing. Flawless tells the tale of a a romance story between a blind guy and a school girl. I feel like it's more of a slice of life actually. I also like the fact that it doesn't focus on the romance all the time and the characters can do wrong. They're not perfect - which is the main theme in this webtoon. If you want to know more, you should read it yourself! Oh, and this is just a bonus but Elios, the boy character, is hot. You know what? perhaps acknowledging your own flaws and being proud of it despite everything makes you flawless. You can find this webtoon on fan translation section, just like My Prewedding.

8. Miss Abbott and the Doctor

Set in Victorian era, Miss Abbott and the Doctor is a story about romance between of course, Miss Abbott and the doctor! It's a snippets of their moments. A story of love forming between the two. The artwork is cute and of course, the two are are adorable. Looking for a light reading? I'd suggest this. This webtoon is by Maripaz Villar.

9. My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Fond of Japanese culture? I don't mean the modern ones but the history. Like kimono or the king or stories involving samurai? Read this webtoon by lifelight! Kihara Mei is a humble peasant who was a merchant before she saved a life from royal assassins. Since then, her life changed forever. Thankfully, she is a tough girl! Caught up in the middle of secrecy and deceit, what will happen to her? The artwork is beautiful and accompanied with the right, Japanese-esque music, it's just perfect!

10. Assassin Roommate

Roommates can be a start of friendship or love. A nerdy, introverted girl needs a roommate and a confident, extroverted guy moved in. Since the title of this webtoon is assassin, there must be an assassin involved. Who wouldn't be freaked out if your roommate is an assassin? Read this which is made by Monica Gallagher.

Which one is your favorite among the top 10 webtoon recommendations I just gave?


Agathe L (author) on September 28, 2017:


Yeah, those webtoon are quite popular, with good plot as well! Yeah, I think you'll enjoy I Love Yoo. It's not your typical romance. I'd read it especially since I like butler (*cough Sebastian Michaelis cough* do you know Black Butler btw) except we need to pay on Lezhin... so I'd wait until my financial issue is solved. Hope it gets steady soon! Thanks for your comment and for reading my article!

clockworkerr0r on September 26, 2017:

I'm really happy to see Siren's Lament and Where Tangents Meet on here! I've been following Siren's Lament ever since it came out, and I read Where Tangents Meet after finding out it was made by the same artist/creator. I see a few titles on here that I haven't read yet, so I'll definitely give them a try. I think I'll especially enjoy I Love Yoo. If you're ever looking for more webtoons to pick up, I think you would really enjoy The Lady and Her Butler. It's up on Lezhin and it updates every Thursday. It's a romance, but it definitely doesn't stick to the standards of the romance genre, which is why I think it's so appealing.

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