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Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful X-Men Mutants of All Time

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Introduction: Fan-Favorites... Where Do You Expect Them to Be?

One of the things I must go ahead and mention in this introduction is the fact that since this is a Top 10 Strongest Mutant list, you're not going to see many of the fan-favorites here.

I love Magneto, and he is my favorite mutant of all time, but he isn't classified as an Omega Mutant and made number 11 - so I have to leave him out.

There are many mutants out there who are fan favorites, but they simply don't make the cut in terms of power, so I had to leave them out - did you expect one of your favorites to be here and he didn't make it? Leave me your objection in the comments below.

Now, enjoy the Top 10 Most Powerful Mutant List.

Test Your Marvel Mutant Knowledge:

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who's stronger according to Marvel's Mutant Power Levels?
    • Zeta Level Mutant
    • Epsilon Level Mutant
    • Gamma Level Mutant

Answer Key

  1. Gamma Level Mutant

10 - Mr M: A Mysterious Figure

Nobody knows a great deal about Mr. M, other than he is a Belgian and started out his life in the US trying to help people around Mutant Town.

However, people around Town weren't happy with him messing the Status Quo the inhabitants had there, and they persecuted him a lot.

It was partially due to this hard start of a life that he took it upon himself to build a Mutant Sanctuary - however, his powers are so terrifying that they grabbed the X-Men's attention.

What powers?

He can manipulate matter at a sub-atomic level, and even create lesser life forms. He can, therefore, rip any power from any mutant, and sometimes grant it.

Crazy stuff!


9 - Stryfe: Looks Familiar? He's a Clone

You read the title right, Stryfe is a Clone of no other than Cable!

Apocalypse took him to be raised with Cable because he saw how powerful he would become - and therefore he would make a nice host body for the future.

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Later on, the villain discovered he was a clone so he couldn't pass on his essence to him.

Stryfe, on the other hand, doesn't care about a whole lot of things, and his power levels are so extreme that the X-Men are put under a constant threat as far as he's concerned.

Cable is strong, but Stryfe has all of his powers and yet developed them even further because he was free from Apocalypse's virus.

A juggernaut with powerful psionic abilities? That's this guy!


8 - Hope Summers: Cerebro's Destroyer

We all know the Cerebro system... well, Hope Summers generates so much energy she destroyed it the moment she was born.

Cable was the one who brought her, as a baby, to the future and raised her as his child.

However, the real proof of her massive power comes from Cable's clone - Stryfe.

Stryfe faced Hope Summers, and she discovered she could mimic his powers - but at a much stronger level.

An Omega-Level mutant that is, no doubt, stronger than number 9, deserves to be number 8.

Simple as that.


7 - Iceman: One of the Founding X-Men!

Iceman was one of the founding members of the X-Men, and even though everyone knew he was powerful, nobody knew just how strong he was.

Shockingly, he is not only Omega-Level but has a kit of cryo-abilities that far surpass anyone else's.

The fact that he is only at number 7 of this list is because of his insecurities and low self-esteem which consistently stop his power's growth.

He could manipulate the ecosystem of the entire planet if he so chose.

...and more than that - he can create ice creatures, living ice creatures with sentient minds!

About the Video Above:

I'm sharing the video above because I don't claim to have the definitive list and we all know these lists are very subjective.

Having said that I do consider my research and experience in the X-Men universe and its lore give me enough confidence to say my list is well-founded.

I like to give my readers different takes on the same subject though and found this list to be very entertaining, even though I disagree with some entries.


6 - Apocalypse: I Don't Like His Look in Film!

So, reading the title you can already see why I didn't place a picture of his movie appearance.

I just don't like how they portrayed him.

Preferences apart, I really have to place Apocalypse under the respectable number six, since his powers really do justify it.

I'd lose a whole lot of time telling you about everything he can do, but I'll sum it up by stating he is immortal, can alter his form to anything he wants, and can transfer his essence from body to body.

Sounds good?

Do you agree with my list so far?

Strongest, Most Powerful Mutants: But at What?

I've been making this list in order to classify mutants based on their overall power, but the subjectivity of such lists begins with this apparently simple task.

What do we consider to be power? or strength?

The answer, for me, is the sum of a whole lot of variables:

  • Physical Abilities;
  • Psionic Abilities;
  • Exotic Abilities;
  • Mutations;
  • Physical Strenght;
  • Longevity.

...and more!

I'd like you to leave me a comment telling us what you think are the most important variables when compiling a list like this - it may even help me make the next one since new mutants are always being added.


5 - Quentin Quire: Courtesy of Kid Omega!

He looks like a regular kid of this generation, but he is far from it.

We all know Professor X is no pushover, hell he is one of the strongest mutants of all time - spoiler - but Quire murdered under his nose while attending Xavier's school.

The X-Men team was always uncomfortable with his power levels, and for good reason.

Kid Omega Quentin Quire could manipulate minds, but his power gets weaker the more minds he manipulates.

Eventually, he was destroyed, but he was so strong he kept on existing - creepy stuff.

How Powerful is Professor X?

4 - Professor X: You Knew This Was Coming!

We know Marvel's X-Men is a group of many, but as far as I'm concerned, Professor X is the protagonist.

A brilliant man, he has a huge amount of power he is always repressing due to his very controlled and peaceful nature.

He did some really amazing feats, and you should watch the video above to get to know them a little better.

A mutant that really drives home how powerful a telepath can be.


3 - Jean Grey: Remember Phoenix?

We all knew Jean Grey would be very high on this list... the doubts were only cast on which place to put her.

After careful thought, I decided to place her on number 3.

Professor X knew she was a powerhouse, so he even suppressed her powers as a child.

However, her powers grew and she became an Omega-Level Mutant that began as a telekinetic type but developed into a full-blown telekinetic-telepath type.

She was described countless times as one of the most powerful beings in the Universe, and she manages to do it even without the Phoenix Force... add it to the mix and you've got yourself trouble waiting to happen.


Franklin Richards: No, It's Not Shaun from Fallout!

If you find the sub-title strange it's because when I first saw Franklin Richards I remembered Shaun from Fallout 4.

Let's discard that and focus on F. Richards now.

He is the son of Sue and Reed, yes the Richards from the Fantastic 4 - but he is much more than that.

He is so powerful that he can manipulate reality itself. Not only that he could even survive the end of all time and create his own universe where he was...

... GOD!


1 - Legion: Constantly Evolving Absurd Powers!

Professor X is really strong, but do you know who the most powerful mutant of all time is?

It's his son David Haller!

This mutant is insanely powerful and keeps on developing more layers on his already elaborate self.

He is also being developed more thanks to Legion, the TV Series.

He has a Dissociative Identity Disorder and changes power according to the "persona" his body is currently in.

The illness isn't just the natural variant though - it's not actually an illness per se, but a way his brain uses to cope with his unreal levels of power.

He not only travels through time, controls atoms and phases through stuff, but he also develops more personalities and powers as he goes, becoming infinitely powerful as time goes on.

Join all of his powers from all of his personalities and add the constant influx of new personas and you got yourself the strongest, most powerful mutant of all time!


The Inclusion of Storm: Mr. M Goes Incognito

Throughout my continuous research to constantly update this article, I found out some lists include Storm on them on various points.

Having this in mind, I questioned what was in the mind of the authors to place Storm on their strongest x men characters list.

By researching the mutant lists deeper, I found all of them failed to include Mr.M

Considering Mr. M has some overlapping variables with Storm, I guess it's justifiable to have Storm in 10th place, but my vote sticks on Mr. M as I think overall he is just a more powerful mutant.


Legion vs Franklin Richards: Who is the Strongest X-Men Character?

Well, when you compare these two it gets hard because they have overpowering abilities and are both right up there on the God-Level TIER.

I based my choice on two things, mainly the fact that the Legion series is seriously boosting what we know of Legion and adding more to the mix, and the fact that Franklin is powerful in his own pocket universe but I don't know how he compares to Legion on the main timelines.

What I want to say is that I don't really know who is the strongest, but opted for Legion as he seemed the most reliable choice.

It just seems less circumstantial than Franklin Richards.


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