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Top 10 Best Inspirational Love Quotes


Love is the best source inspiration. I made this list of Top 10 Best Inspirational Love Quotes to be of help to anyone looking for some quotes to express their love to their special someone.

There are a lot of things love can do. It can lead even the weakest man towards the path of strength and instill kindness to a cruel heart. It can move mountains and crush huge blocks of ice. It’s a powerful force that can turn mortal enemies into allies and unite two strangers from different worlds. Hopefully the best inspirational love quotes listed here could make you love even more.

Though mysterious, love is something that every one of us wishes to experience. Sad to say, only a few successfully found true love, and are now enjoying its fruits. Have you recently failed in love? Is your hope of finding true love getting vague as days pass by? These love sayings could certainly cheer you up.

Regardless of our imperfections, we all deserve to love and be loved. Read the article and you’ll realize that love indeed is worth waiting and fighting for!


“Your heart is a muscle, so exercise it by loving.”

To love and be loved is the greatest life experience. Though it may not be all smiles, it can hone and turn us into a much better person. Life without love is not living at all but mere existing. Some are lucky to find true love while countless others are still searching for it so don’t be depressed if ever you haven’t discovered yours yet. For the mean time, you should aim to improve yourself and be ready for future responsibilities. Love is challenging so it’s a must to prepare for it. Never rush in falling in love but spend enough time to verify your feelings and make sure the one who will receive your unending love is worthy of it.


“Love is not having someone give you the world. Love is creating a whole new world together.

Never love just to seek for money, pleasure, or any other selfish reasons. It’s not something that you can get out from in just a blink of an eye. Consequences are involved as you love so you must be ready to face them and make sure it’s worth fighting for. Majority of relationships fail because one or both involved realized in the end that their love is shallow and wasn’t real from the start. Time is the most challenging test of love. If you want your relationship to last long, nurture it and never let the hands of time gradually turn off its fire.


“Love is not a matter of counting the years –
it’s making the years.”

Love will be tested through time. One mistake could turn even the sweetest relationship sour. Don’t let this happen to the love you treasured for years. Love is best measured not by the years you have spent together but how both of you work hard to make it last at least for a lifetime. True love is just a dream to others so consider yourself lucky if you already found it. Never let a day pass without expressing how much your partner means to you. Love is a give and take bond so before you ask for it, examine yourself first whether you know the true meaning of love or not. It may not be as easy like what is illustrated in famous love stories but its fruits are without a doubt worth all the efforts, tears, and sacrifices.

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“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.”

I was searching for couples quotes then I found this. I think the message could be applied to all who loves.

Have you ever loved someone despite all his imperfections? If this is the kind of love you are experiencing right now, you’re lucky since it’s without a doubt true love. We all have flaws and finding a person that accepts every aspect about us including the negative ones is like winning the lottery. You should consider him or her as your most priced treasure.

Be sure to take care of the love you both share and work hard to keep it from fading. Don’t let time, temptations, your busy schedule, work, and other factors degrade this kind of love since it is less likely for you to find one again.


“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

To love your enemy is an ideal expression of love and the best action a person can do yet certainly among the hardest ones to do. This is among the inspirational love quotes to remind you about it.

Loving an enemy is close to impossible especially if your enemy did a lot of grievous faults which led you to pain and suffering. Nonetheless, we don’t have the right to deny him forgiveness. If your enemy pleaded for it sincerely and vowed to do his best not to cause you any trouble again, it’s our obligation to bestow forgiveness upon him just like what our Creator did. It’s easier said than done but forgiving someone introduces peace of mind and can help you gain a trusted friend and lose an enemy.

Never keep grudges or it will slowly consume you towards a selfish and evil path. Choose love, forgiveness, and hope as they introduce happiness and contentment. If you keep these inspiring love phases presented on this list close to your heart, doing so will not be as difficult as it looks.


“Love is an act of endless forgiving – a tender look which becomes
a habit.”

True love never tires. It forgives endlessly and will look beyond a person’s fault. People who make it a habit to forgive and move on are often those who harvest the wonderful fruits of true love. But does this mean true love is prone to abuse? When can you tell whether your partner deserves forgiveness or not?

We should always remember that only those who work hard to make up with their wrong doings and strive to not repeat them deserve forgiveness. Be wary since there are tricky people nowadays who use the majestic idea of true love to deceive and control others. The best way to avoid their traps is through careful assessment and keeping not just your heart but your eyes and mind open.


“To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.”

This one is perfect for those who search for romantic love thoughts. We all aim to be in heaven someday. It’s a place of unending happiness and optimum contentment. Who wouldn’t want to have a glance of what’s in stored for us in heaven? There’s no better way to do so other than loving. It’s the most beautiful worldly experience we can encounter to the extent that life would be meaningless without it.

Of course true love is hard to find and only happens at the right time but it’s certainly worth waiting for. If you haven’t met the special someone who captures your heart like nobody else, spend your time in self-improvement. Never forget that your chance of finding the ideal man or woman is slim if you won’t work hard to be an ideal partner as well.


“I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”

Kindness is a perfect expression of love. You do good deeds to others, keep them safe, and wish good things to happen to them out of love. Everlasting love is a promise of kindness. One can only boast about his love to somebody if he expressed kindness in various ways and made his partner happy in the process. True love is never selfish and rude. You should think less about yourself and focus more on your partner’s needs if your relationship to last. Never count what you have done for your partner but think of other things that you can do to make him or her happy. These selfless deeds will fuel the love both of you share and keep it burning for many years.


“Love cures people, the ones who receive love and the ones who give it, too.”

You tend to feel a sense of contentment by truly loving someone even if he or she failed to do so in return. This is one of the greatest mysteries of love that is yet to be solved. Loving can make you feel good and being loved is among the best gifts one can receive. Love is never wrong as long as it is true. Each one of us deserves to love and be loved so patiently wait for the right time. Rushing it will only leave you prone to mistakes and might even mislead you from finding an honest love that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Don’t be afraid and hopeless since true love will always find its way to you regardless the circumstance. Trust in its power and you’ll surely witness its beauty maybe not now but in the near future.


“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Never look down on yourself. I could say that this something that I am still learning up to this time. I consider this among the best love quotes that are inspirational.

You never know there are others who look at you as their inspiration. It’s all about perspective. Always remember that there’s one person out there destined to truly love you so patiently wait for him. If you are currently in a happy relationship, be inspired about the fact that billions out there are still hoping for their luck on love to come. Take care of the love you currently have since you may not find anything comparable to it once lost.

Regrets come in the end so don’t hesitate to gamble and bravely confront challenges since this is what life is all about. Nothing is certain in life and love. The best thing that we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Good luck in finding and experiencing the wonders of true love!


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