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Tomorrows Monsters: An Amazing Tale of Cooperate Espionage and Science Fiction

Tomorrow's Monsters Audio Drama Review

When working out, especially when it comes to jogging and stair climbing I like to listen to audio dramas. It makes it all a little less tedious. And when it comes to audio dramas, Audible has been kinda bad in that department. So I found myself looking elsewhere for audio tales that won’t put me to sleep. And over on I Heart Radio I found Grim and Mild’s 13 Days of Halloween and it was great! So I decided to try something else out. I decided to listen to a techno thriller Tomorrow's Monsters written by Dan Bash and Nichola Tecosky and features a cast starring John Boyega and Darren Criss.

So what is it about? It is about Jack Locke. Jack is a smart guy, whose brother committed suicide while on the neuro enhancement drug Shut Eye distributed by Nextcorp. Jack believes they are up to something and are harming volunteers like his brother. So to learn about truth about his brother’s death, he manages to get himself hired into the company and starts acting as a spy in the company to learn what they do there and how his brother actually died. And what he learns becomes more complicated and shocking than he ever imagined. It seems programming people to never sleep has its consequences. And eventually all of this snooping is bound to catch up with Jack.

The good? This is an amazing tale. It an old school yet fantastic scifi techno thriller that is on par with Michael Crichton’s Prey. It has great characters with a lot of depth. The tale is exciting, suspenseful, and full of twists and turns that only make the story more exciting with each turn. Each revelation raises the stakes, and makes the tale more exciting. The production value is amazing. The music and sound effects was fantastic adding more to the story. And the cast is great. Especially John Boyaga. As the lead he does most of the story telling here and he is a great story teller. I know little about John Boyega other than he was extremely likable in a Star Wars film I saw a long time ago. But did a great job here. I’d love to see him do more of these.

The bad? I’m going to be honest. I live this thing from beginning to end. Everything was perfect about this. For me it did everything I want out of a scifi thriller.

Overall, this was amazing. If you like audio dramas and science fiction, you must listen to this. This some of the best science fiction I have read (or in this case listened to) in a very long time. Its free and is over on I Heart radio. Now go check it out.

5 smoothies out of five

Overall Rating: An Amazing Tale of Cooperate Espionage and Science Fiction.

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