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To My Bestfriend

A poem for our loyal best friend, hero, and savior. To all the fur babies out there, this one is for you.



You’ve done almost all of men do

You always protect me and never let go

Most comfortable spots regularly reserves

Sits there persistently, and observes

You are definitely my best friend

Time with you, I love to spend

You instantly take away my sadness

Thank you for relieving my stress

I’m always excited to go home

Just to cuddle you and listen to your bark

I kiss your face and gently comb

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And you always wanted to go to park

You are so cute and very furry

You do some tricks that makes me happy

You massage my back and get my thing

Joy and laughter, you always bring

Petting you feels like a heaven

You softly barking for a piece of chicken

Hoping your life will not that soon to end

Without you, I do not know what will happen

© 2021 Ninya Garcia

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