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To My Friend Astin K.


In my days

In my days of misfortune, Alfred, alone among a thousand,

You remained faithful to me where so many others fled from me.
Happiness has lent me more than one fragile bond;
But it was adversity that made me a friend.

It is thus that the flowers on the fertile hillsides
Spread out their vulgar treasure in the sun;
But it is in the midst of the nights, under sterile rocks,
That the miner searches for a ray of gold.

It is thus that the calm seas without storms
Can rock the traveler with a wave of azure;
But it's the north wind, it's the shipwreck wind
That throws a pearl to the fisherman on the shore.

Now God save me! Where am I going ? Hey! what do I care?
Whatever my destinies, I say like Byron:
“The ocean can rumble, it will have to carry me. If my steed goes
down, I'll put the spur on it.

But at least I could have, brother, whatever happens to me, With
my seal of mourning, seal our friendship,
And, whether tomorrow I die or tomorrow I live,
While my heart is beating, give you the half.

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