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To Leave or Not to Live.

I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.

I live like a lily, drowned in the waters,

they say it sounds silly, but I ask,

cant a woman speak freely,

the ripples Willy, a sign of heart getting softer,

compassion growing, and thoughts growing fonder.

He sinks his claws Willy, gently like a love-sick maid,

preying on my weakness, my love for him a sickness,

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Willy, i think he is harmless, of course I buried the sadness,

his memory a darkness, a past I don't want unfolded,

but love a deceitful master, draws all and others in.

Shall a woman submit, if not shall he be offended,

my lover seeks me again, masculine as I am,

Willy should I take him back, despite the omens,

the answer well known to me, but I still seek advice,

to leave, or not to live.

© 2021 Matilda Mumbua

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