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To the Woman That Means Everything


To the most important person in my life...

Dearest Florence,

My love for you is immense than the ever expanding universe and I can spend a whole day mesmerizing your essence without losing my interest. Spare a single second with me and I will give you a lifetime. Touch me with the downy of your fingers and I will hold you forever. Love me now and I'll court you until our next perpetuity. The kingdom beating 'neath my chest was created as a paradise of your soul. It will always be the heaven where you can rest all the darkness, the pain, the fears and all the heaviness that you hide. It may be imperfect but it'll be the haven for your tears to subside.

My love, up until this moment I am failing to contain my happiness, immeasurable, that it could blossom all the flowers and crystallize all the white beaches in the world. Our journey is young and as it ages, there are lots of things before us. I tell you, everything will try to break us apart. We may fight, upset, miss, or hurt one another that circumstances is out of my hand but despite of those, remember how perfection bounds our imperfect hands. Remember how heaven bounds the hellfire of our souls. No words to be spoken, you beside me and let our hearts talk together. Remember our love, because in the end of the day, I am still choosing you and I won't get tired of doing it. It may be a stormy day but tomorrow, I'll show you the rainbow and how our heart craft those colors.

On this special day, let your heart drenched with joy. That, with my absence, I shall, too, be happy. Apart from the gifts and everything it will always be you that matter. You will stay as the only "pinalangga" in my heart. I love you that, I shall say, to the ends of the universe.

Happy Anniversary!

Your ever-loving boyfriend,

© 2021 Jean O'Leonhart

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