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"To Run Along With Horses"

When a Man sets out to do Poetry he already has to figure it will be taken into some kind of odd consideration to begin with.Oh, Who Cares !


"A Mustang's heart is built to run at full speed..."

Howdy, Ya'll! This "Manly" Poem is on the Wild Mustang. But, before I start...Let me say a few words about Poetry in general...and what "Manly Poetry Man's" Quest is:

"Words come at you everyday; Poems are just a little more organized in what they have to say!"

Poems: Get a bad rap...usually considered flowery, soft, artsy, etc. Maybe...some of that is true. But...put in the right context...Poems can get a point across with underlying stealth and quiet intelligence. Perhaps...even better than the average writings we see daily. This is Mr. Manly Poetry Man's Quest. To Boldly Go Where No Poetry Man Has Gone Before and...Boldly Write Some New Poems...?! Sometimes Poems need to have their energy harnessed and then put on display. With that I bring you:

"To Run Along With Horses"

To run with wild horses out across fields in far and remote places,
To run with them with speed and their "break-neck" paces,
To beat hooves and fly feverishly low across the ground,
To be free as the roaming wind...that is blowing all around.

To run along on the wild plains...with all the herd...
Free to hear what they say...without speaking a word.
To look into their strong glass eyes that have a knowing stare...
Pounding down a mountainside...without a single care.

Hanging in your group, while drinking by a Creekside Bend,
Running with the ones you know...or those you call a friend.
At home in the wilderness...running as you please...Living out on the range.
All the sky above...Endless ground below...Confinement would be strange.

A Mustang's Heart is built to run at Full Speed...Stuck on "Wide-Open"...
Able to run where he wants...I imagine scenic areas where he has been.
The Mystery of where this Magnificent Beast part of Nature's Forces.

I close my eyes and see places not touched by Man..."To Run Along With Horses" !


I hear the hooves thundering down to the valley…where I am looking up to see,

And from a point on a ridge high above...All those horses look back down to me.

From a distance...There is some understanding...For a moment our thoughts connect...

And for one moment...I go to run with you...Free of the reigns around my neck.

We burst with speed over an open trail with ditches, rocks, and a felled tree...

And I break out in an enormous stride...ahead of the pack... Where I am free !

I set my course by mountaintops...I'll run all day beneath each one...

And blast by this way night falls...on my final run.

My power is in the strength of my gallop...My stride will never cease...

I live out here on the run...My Heart, My World...Are at Peace.

My Energy Abounds From My Spirit...My Strength Renews Through Nature's Resources...

I Beat Hooves...And Fly Feverishly Low Across this Land..."To Run Along With Horses" !

"The Mystery of Where This Magnificent Beast Part of Nature's Forces...  Places Not Touched By Man...To Run Along With Horses."

"The Mystery of Where This Magnificent Beast Part of Nature's Forces... Places Not Touched By Man...To Run Along With Horses."

© 2009 ManlyPoetryMan

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